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Tourism PR project in Tokyo "tokyo reporter island trip & mountain tripWe tell about charm of Ome-shi as reporter of ". Ome's journey, on the 2 day, near the upper Tamagawa RiverOzawa Shuzo"to. Here you can visit the sake breweries and sample sake free of charge.

To Seiryu Garden Sawanoien


We visited from JR Ome Line Sawai Station this time, it is XNUM minutes to walk. A garden operated by a sake maker "Ozawa Sakezo" who specializes in the fine sake "Sawanoi" representing Kanto.Seiryu Garden Sawanoi"I came to you.

This article is a project requested by "reviews".


Go inside and you will find a shop. First of all, let's accept the sake brewing tour here.


The sake brewing experience can be reserved in advance by phone and web. (The reservation method will be described later)

Tell the name of the shop and get a "Sake store information receptionist vote".


You can enjoy not only sake but also light snacks such as sake manju and soba, yuba udon, oden and sweet sake in this "Kiyoryu Garden Sawanoi".


Here you can enjoy snacks while watching the upstream of the Tama River (^ ^)


It is also nice to eat at this table when the weather is nice!

Because you can also make sake, you can enjoy it if you like it!


By the way, let's go to the sake brewing tour.

It is a shortcut when going along this underpass that continues from "Kiyoryu Garden Sawanoi" to Sake-zura.


I went through the underground and I could see a white storehouse.

Ozawa Shuzo over founding 310 years


This time, we will visit the sake storehouse of Ozawa Sake Brewery, which has a history of more than 15 years, since the founding Yuan Rui XNUM year (XNUM X year).It is too old to imagine after the year of the Genroku XNUM X, but it is the same year as the year when the Aho Nami-jin of Chungomikura apologized! It is a very long-established store!

Ozawa Sakezo's sake "Sawanoi" is named after the place name "Sawai" here.


If it is 5 minutes before the tour time, you can wait in this shack.

Signboards are getting into the season too.


First of all, you will learn the basic knowledge of alcohol here, and then go to a tour of the brewery, and then start tasting about 45 for the sake breeze.


The guide for this day is Mr. Yoshizaki from Ozawa Shuzo Co., Ltd. It seems that employees are in charge of the guides. First of all, I was given a lecture on basic knowledge about alcohol from preparation to shipping. The picture here is “Cedar ball,” often displayed at the entrance of a liquor store. When new sake is made, it is said that it will be replaced anew and replaced with a blue "Cue ball.

GO to visit sake breweries!


When the lecture is over, let's go to the sake store!

Disinfect the bottom of your shoes with this antiseptic tank and enter the brewery. By the way, it is OK to shoot in the sake brewery!


It's cool and cool when you enter the sake store. The smell of liquor drifts.

Because the outer wall is covered with earthen wall, it is not affected by the outside air, and especially the air conditioning seems to be kept at a cool room temperature even if it is not used.


This is called "Genshuzo" ​​and is a historical storehouse built during the founding period of the Genroku, and is currently used as a storage storehouse.


This is the "upper tank room". Squeeze the fermented sake lees here.


Here you can see a sample of sake rice to drink.

Sake is usually made by cutting rice by about 3 percentage, and when it is cut by 4, it is called "Ginjo", and it is called "Daginjo" to be made by rice that has 5 cut. Ozawa Shuzo's Daiginjo "凰 (this)It is said that "Yamada rice cake" which is said to be the best rice is polished to 35%.

The more rice you cut, the less nutrients there are, and it seems to be a harsh environment for yeast, and as a result of desperately trying to live, you will be able to produce that rich aroma of daiginjo. Alcohol is really a living thing ~.


This is "Meiji storehouse". It is a storehouse built in the Meiji period.

There is "Heisei store" which prepares in this depth. Mr. Ozawa Sakezou has three warehouses, "Konzokura", "Meijikura" and "Heiseiko".


Here is a line of aging sake "Kuramori".

It is arranged according to the age of the brewing.


This is "Kuramori" of Junmai Daiginjo brewed in 2000.

At first, it is colorless and transparent sake, but as it matures, it becomes golden in color, and it seems to be mild and come out with distinctive peculiarities like Shaoxing and whiskey. This "Kuramori" is "KuramamorikaiIt is sold in limited quantities at liquor stores that belong to "," and it is said that it is sold at Keio department stores in Shinjuku, etc. in central Tokyo.

You can also sample this "Kuramori" at the sake store located in the "Kiyoryu Garden Sawanoi" store.

Visit Iwashimizu of the horizontal well


I went out of the storehouse and finally visited the spring water well, which will be used by Ozawa Sakezo.

It is said that Iwashimizu flowing from Takamizu Mountain travels along the bedrock of the Chichibu Paleozoic Formation into this well. This isYoko WellIt is called and is being dug straight like a cave.


The well will be tunneled to the inside. This is also a cool temperature different from the outside world.


I could see the horizontal well through the glass. A cave with a height of about 1m is dug all the way to the bottom and there is plenty of rock water from there. Sawa crab that has become a trademark of "Sawazo Ozawa" XNUM times in a few years can be seen in this cave.

Sake made from a water source that has been selected as one of the 50 best-known spring spots in Tokyo. It will be delicious ~ ^ ^


This concludes the sake brewing tour. Let's go back to the shack from the entrance near Yoko Well!

Tasting time!


When you return to the shack, it's time to enjoy tasting.

This time Sawanoi Junmai Ginjo fresh sake "Blue skyTaste. Yay!


You will be served in a tasting bowl with a trademark of Sawa crab.

Pour it into the cold.


Oh yeah, a blue double circle is on the mark in the Kikiguchi area. This seems to be attached to make it easy to see the color of liquor, so it looks like the color of liquor in the white part, and it looks like the territorial condition in the blue part. I became quite familiar with sake in this 45 minutes!

You will receive "Shinten"!


That's why you will receive the pure sake "Juten" of Jomogi Ginjo! Umm ^ ^

The fruity aroma "Shuten" has a clean aftertaste. If you have snacks, you will find a lot! It seems that the smell of sake is more pronounced when you drink it while containing air like drinking wine!



I told you about the tour tour of sake brewing "Ozawa sake brewer" in Ome city.

It was a recommended tour where you can see the sake production process and the historic sake breweries that you usually use. It is likely to become more fond of sake by gaining knowledge of sake (^ ^) The visit to Sake is accepted by phone on the day, but it is recommended that you make a reservation in advance, as it may be full!

If you are still not drinking enoughSeiryu Garden Sawanoi"Let's go back to my favorite sake!

Ozawa sake brewing tour

Capacity: Each time XNUM X name
Time required: about 45 minutes
Regular holiday: Monday (Tuesday, closed for holidays)
Admission: Free
Phone number for reservation:0428-78-8210(Sawanoi-en 10: 00 to 17: 00)
Official site (visit booking):http://www.sawanoi-sake.com/service/kengaku

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