【Moriya, Ibaraki Prefecture】 You can enjoy a delicious gourmet meal! Italy Blue Sky City "Sakura Saka Mercato" # Moriya blogger tour

I am a Tokyo walkpo who lived in Ibaraki Prefecture from the age of XNUM X years.
This time, local blog of Moriya city, Ibaraki prefecture "go out"ofTorishinWe participated in blogger tour around Moriya city in Ibaraki prefecture with Mr.'s Attend. Actually, I had never been to Moriya City, but there are many hidden gourmet spots.

To Sakurazaka VIVACE (Vivace)


At first I visited "Sakurazaka VIVACE", which is about 13 minutes by car from Tsukuba Express Moriya Station. Here, the morning market held on the second Sunday of every month seems to be very popular. At the morning of 10 before the opening, the nearby parking lot was almost full.



Immediately, if you try to enter ...! Suddenly a European-style building is seen, and it is an atmosphere full of exoticism.


There are a series of Italian landscapes that are likely to appear in Ghibli's "Kiki's Delivery Service".

Oh, it's Moriya here, right? ?


This is originally from the nearby sushi restaurant, but the sushi restaurant owner 3, after studying for cooking in Italy, returned to Japan, and here is the Italian restaurant "Sakurazaka VIVACE". Or you let me open. About 20 stores such as bakery, general store, sweets shop in Moriya city gather at this second Sunday of every month here and hold "Sakura Saka Mercato (Italian style blue sky city)".

It is a great success from the morning!

Spare rib at Sakurazaka Mercato, grilled porketta (^. ^)

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In such "Sakurazaka VIVACE", the owner's master burns pork ribs with spare ribs and herbs with iron plate. う そ う (^ ω ^)


Porketta is cut easy to eat,


Pile up with spare ribs and sausages!

Oh, I want to drink beer!


I will give you a Polketta! Porketta, which is said to be a regional cuisine in the Tuscan region of Italy, has a grilled piglet style. An irresistible dish (^^) of fragrant fragrant herbs and meaty meat!


There are many other shops open. This is pizza! I'm spreading the dough by hand!


Besides, you can eat freshly baked margherita (XNUM X yen).


Here is a popular bakery in Moriya cityBackenwaldMr.


The almond croissant here is smooth outside and it is moist and delicious again! "Backenwald" was only a few minutes and most of the bread was sold out.


In "Viena", which sells the products of a certainty imported directly from Italy here,


I sold the confiture of white fig and pear "Angelica". I tried to taste, but super rich! If you like wine, it's best to eat it with cheese.


Moriya's pastry shop, also very popularPATISSIRIE301"The sweets using seasonal fruits are popular.


We secure adult snack tiramisufe (takeout 550 yen) and pineapple cake (300 yen). This will also be out of stock soon, so let's go early.


If you open pineapple cake! What a sweet pineapple is included with the fruit, this is too good (^ ^)


At Moriya Station West Exit, a well-known product store "Moriya Sutairu"Yogurt drink by Milk Kobo MoriyaYou can get "Blueberry Yogurt Shake" (XNUM X) mixed with blueberries from Kikuchi Farm.


Put plenty of "drinking yogurt" to make slowly over 20 time,


A bright blueberry yogurt shake is ready! A yogurt drink that has a rich, sweet and sour blueberry scent. If I drink this every morning I will be fine!

Here "Sakurazaka Mercato" is located on a little hill and you can see it. There are also terrace seats, so if you can get a seat you can be quite slow.

Looking at such a rural landscape, there are a lot of people in some rice fields. Let's go for a moment!


Down the slope to the countryside. The idyllic scenery continues.


On this day, a row of bus tours where we could harvest rice and enjoy new rice XNUM X kg and a landrace beef lunch was just harvesting rice. It is a good tour that everyone can harvest Koshihikari planted at the rice planting event in 5 Mon ~.

By the way, it is "Sakurazaka VIVACE" where the small hill in the back reached to the beginning.


Good rice Koshihikari grew up in the rice fields.

In a short time, "fruitful autumn". It was a morning market where you can enjoy the gourmet using the genuine ingredients of every commitment at "Sakura Saka Mercato", the Italian blue sky city of XNUM times in the month. I would like to go to this morning market every month if it is nearby (^ ^)

Sakurazaka Mercato

Date: every 2 Sunday of every month
Opening time: 10: 00 to 15: 00
Place: Sakurazaka VIVACE (Vivace)
Address: Itotoi, Moriya, Ibaraki Prefecture 1751-1
Official site:http://www.sakurazaka-vivace.com/


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