[Pokemon GO] How to set & change your partner Pokemon

Pokemon GO has been updated to iOS version 1.7.0 and can now walk along with fellow Pokemon! Let's set up a partner Pokemon right away.

Pokemon GO

↑ First, tap the icon from the field screen.

そ の 後 After that, tap the bottom right menu button and an item “Select Buddy” will appear, so tap it.

↑ Then you can select your favorite Pokemon from your own Pokemon.

This time, let's choose "Hakurieu" that you want to collect and evolve the most candy now.

I decided on you!

Then hakuru appears next to your avatar (^ ^) Hakuru is quite big!

Apparently it seems like a system that you can get candy when walking a certain distance. The walking distance was different depending on Pokemon.

How to change Buddy Pokemon

If you want to change the Pokemon, tap "Select Buddy" just before the current Buddy Pokemon will be displayed. You can change to another Pokemon by tapping the arrow mark on the lower right and tapping "YES" on the next screen! At this time, keep in mind that the distance you walked with your partner Pokemon will be lost.


相 When you set up Buddy Pokemon, the Buddy Pokemon icon will also be displayed next to your icon (^ ω ^)

I tried various fellow Pokemon

I tried to make a variety of Pokemon, as it was serious.
Pikachu, mini ryu, cute!
Koiking has always been so cool that it looks like it's after you've caught it

There is also Pokemon that stops on the shoulder. Poppo, onion sparrows, and eveui are small and cute without a sense of incongruity. I haven't tried everything, so there are others.

Not in the field screen?

I felt that Buddy Pokemon was in the field on the preview screen, but for now, it has not appeared in my case. Has it changed? It feels like I'm walking along with it when it comes out on the field screen, so it was a little fun (^ ^;)

In this case, I sent the setting method of Buddy Pokemon!

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