[Ome City] Enjoy local vegetables while watching the superb view with "Hand-made soba gourd" [AD]

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"Tama Island Tourism Promotion Project" in Tokyotokyo reporter island trip & mountain tripWe tell about charm of Ome-shi as reporter of ". Last time, after climbing Mt. Otake, a shop where you can eat a hand-made soba while enjoying the superb view of the Otake valley at lunchtimeHand soba gourd"I went to".

Walk from Oyodo Station for XNUM minutes! Hand soba gourd

Hand-made soba gourd

The location is "Joite Soba Goro", which is located on the JR Ome Line, a distance of 1 on foot from Owaki Station.

Let's get in soon.

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Hand-made soba gourd

The restaurant has a calm Japanese atmosphere with a dugout style seating area, which can be done slowly.

You can enjoy the superb view of the Mitake Valley

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Hand-made soba gourd

From the seat on the window side, you can enjoy a superb view of the upper Tama River flowing through the Mitake Valley!

This is dynamic (^^)

Enjoy local produce

Hand-made soba gourd

You can enjoy local Ome city ingredients at this shop.

It is good to enjoy local seasonal summer vegetables such as corn, tomatoes, eggplants, pumpkins and edamame ~!

Menu of hand-made soba gourd

The menu of "Hand-made soba noodles" is here! (Click to enlarge)

After all, it will be handmade soba! Otsuyu does not use any chemical seasonings, and I feel the commitment using the Kushiboshi main section of Kagoshima Makurazaki and Rishiri-san. I also care about the sashimi of the Yamame of Okutama.

Omeage fried gyoza dumpling radish (XNUM X yen including tax)

Hand-made soba gourd

First of all, the soba noodles of this summer-limited "Ome fried gyoza dumpling spicy radish" will arrive!

Teri fried fried dumplings on top of hand-made soba, and plenty of pale purple spicy radish looks delicious!

Hand-made soba gourd

Sticky soup and guy tofu arrive!

Hand-made soba gourd

A lot of soup and put ^ ^

Hand-made soba gourd

You will get it with a hand soba lift!

Soba made with buckwheat flour grown with organic chemicals and grown carefully with stone mills is refreshing and refreshing. You can see through the dry body by climbing Mt. Ontake. Spicy daikon radish is not only spicy but also sweet with vegetable sweetness. On this day, the apricot-made gyoza that Mr. Muto made was also thick and delicious, and it was soba noodles again (^ ω ^)

Gouro chopsticks (XNUM X X X X Food Limited X X

Hand-made soba gourd

"Goro Gourd" limited to XNUM X X X X Food Limited ordered by the bride is a small bowl, salad, tempura, steamed rice, steamed rice, small rice, small rice bran, and various flavors with water confectionery.

Of course the vegetable tempura is also locally grown. Freshness is different!

Hand-made soba gourd

The amount of small steamed buckwheat noodles is also good, and the whole stomach is full!

It was a "Goro rice bowl" where you can enjoy the local vegetables of Ome City.

Hand-made soba gourd

Finally, I lick the dessert watermelon! After all summer watermelon is the best!

Enjoy the local vegetables of Ome city while enjoying the superb view of the Mitake Valley"Hand-made soba gourd" Mr. hand-made soba.If you eat it on the way back to Mt. Ontake, you will be fully charged!

Well, let's go to the Mitake Valley next to it.

Hand soba gourd

Address: Tokyo Ome City Otake Honcho 226
TEL: 0428-74-9419
Business hours: 11: 00 to 14: 30 (daytime part)
15: Around 00-sunset (part of the evening)
Closed: Tuesday
Official site:http://www.soba560.com/index.html

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