Create a new LINE account with LINE Mobile and explain how to set up contractor collaboration

Cheap SIM (MVMO) by LINELINE MOBILE (LINE Mobile)"2016 year XNUM X month month X NUM X day (Mon)" launched a soft launch service.

The last time is APN settingWas sent, but this time from "LINE Mobile"Create a new LINE accountAnd LINE Mobile official account will be notified about adding friends, setting up subscriber collaboration with LINE Mobile official account.

How to create a new LINE account

Until now, when creating LINE accounts, it was not possible to perform age certification with MVMO (cheap SIM), but it was necessary to have age certification from 3 large carriers such as NTT DoCoMo, au, Softbank, etc. However"LINE Mobile"In the data plan without SMS function, you can create a LINE account without 3 large carrier age certification. Since identity verification documents are sent when applying for "LINE Mobile", age certification is omitted.

Now let's actually create a new LINE account. Launch the "LINE" app and "sign upAfter tapping ","LINE MobileConfirm that the phone number of "comes out"Next"Tap.

Then enter your name andAuto Add friend"When"Allow add friendOptionally select a check for "Registration"Tap.

↑ Then brown display comes out "Age confirmationI will ask for This time"If you subscribe to LINE Mobile"Tap. Then "age confirmation"Usage codeWill be displayed on the screen. here"Usage code"Where do you get from?"LINE MobileYou can check from "My Page".

↑ After logging in to My Page "Contract informationIn ""Usage codePress and hold "" to copy it, and check the LINE Mobile's age check just beforeUsage codePaste "and"Proceed to the nextTap "...

↑ As it becomes screen of age confirmation "Allow notificationYou can create an account that can be LINE ID searchable by omitting "Age certification" if you tap "." (Not under 18 for youth protection)

Add friends for "LINE Mobile" official account

↑ If you create a new account,LINE accountLet's add the official account of "friends". "LINE account"But"LINE Mobile" My PageIt becomes possible to check the remaining amount of data and present data.

In the LINE search field "LINE MobileThe official account will be displayed when you enter追加Tap "and on the authentication screen"Consent"Tap.

Contractor linkage method

↑ After adding a friend of the official account of "LINE account" "Contractor collaborationYou can log in automatically by doing. The setting method is "menuFrom "Contractor cooperation (my page)"Tap".

Enter the login ID and password you entered when you signed up for LINE Mobile.Work togetherTap "to complete.

Now you can access My Page from the “LINE Mobile” official account, and you will be able to check the remaining data and present data!

next timeData present methodI will inform you about!

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