[Cheap SIM LINE Mobile] Explains how to set APN for iOS and Android devices

LINE's cheap SIM (MVMO) "LINE MOBILE" has launched a soft launch service on 2016 year 9 month 5 day (Mon).

The last time is the applicationWas sent, but this time "Make "LINE Mobile" practicalWe will tell you how to set up APN!

LINE Mobile

After completing the application, it was shipped the next day and delivered by Yamato Transport's Takkyubin Compact.

Open immediately (^ ^)

LINE Mobile

Inside is a light gray simple square envelope.

When you open this,

LINE Mobile

A white booklet containing the SIM card of LINE Mobile and a green booklet 2 of the manual are included.

LINE Mobile

The manual describes how to set up "APN" and how to link with LINE Mobile official account. The tagline of LINE Mobile is "CLOSE THE DISTANCE".

LINE Mobile

This time, I am using the "Communication Free" plan with unlimited use of LINE, Twitter, Facebook XNUM X SNSData communication + SMSI applied for 3GB (monthly 1,110 yen). Although voice calls can not be made, a SIM card is attached to the mount on which the phone number is posted, so let's insert it into the smartphone terminal.

APN setting method of iOS terminal

For iOS devices such as iPhone, you can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi connection and download and set "APN configuration profile" from the following URL.

Setting method, download URL is here

APN setting method of Android terminal

↑ In the case of Android smartphone, set APN in the following procedure.

At first tap "setting" of HOME screen and tap "mobile network" from "wireless network".

↑ Tap "Access Point Name" and tap "+" on the right side of "APN" name and enter "Edit Access Point".

Enter the following items in the new APN.

  • Anything can be used for "Name", but it will be easy to understand if you enter "LINE Mobile"
  • Enter "line.me" for "APN"
  • Enter "line @ line" for "User Name"
  • Enter "line" for "Password"
  • Select "PAP or CHAP" for "Authentication Type"

↑ "Edit access point" Tap the right side and tap "Save".

This completes the setting of APN and communication itself can be started, but the following registration is required to use all services of "LINE Mobile".

  1. Create a new LINE account / take over
  2. Add friends with LINE Mobile official account
  3. Perform "contractor collaboration" and "user collaboration" from the menu of the official account

You can log in to My Page from the "LINE Mobile Official Account", check the remaining amount of data, and present data to friends using LINE Mobile.

We will tell about the cooperation and function of LINE Mobile official account next time!

→ Click here to apply for LINE Mobile

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