[LINE Mobile] How to apply for "Communication Free" from monthly 1,110 yen

LINE's cheap SIM (MVMO) "LINE MOBILE" has launched a soft launch service on 2016 year 9 month 5 day (Mon).
Last time,Pattern of blogger presentationI told you, but speciallyLINE MobileI was able to apply for In this case "LINE MobileWe will tell you how to apply for

"LINE mobile" which can apply from LINE

LINE Mobile
'LINE Mobile"" Will only be online applications from LINE at the start of the service.
In addition, the first time will be the sale of limited 2 million sheets, and the stock shortage will be rough, so it is better to apply early.

First, add LINE Mobile's official site or LINE Mobile's official account to your friends and proceed to sign up for LINE Mobile.

Confirm the information necessary for the application


The following information is required to apply for "LINE Mobile".

  • Identification documents
  • Credit card (debit card not available)
  • E-mail Address
  • MNP reservation number (only for transfer)

Select application content


Select your subscription from the following 2.

  • SIM only(If you use a terminal that you already have)
  • Terminal + SIM(If you buy a new terminal)

Choose a plan


Select a plan from the following 2 ones.

1, LINE free (Monthly 500 yen can be used with unlimited LINE)

  • Data communication only 1GB Month 500 yen
  • Data communication + SMS 1GB Month 620 yen
  • Data + voice call 1GB monthly 1,200 yen (voice call 20 yen / 30 seconds)

2. Communication free (Monthly 1,110 yen, unlimited use of XNUM X SNS)

  • Data communication + SMS
    3GB Month 1,110 yen
    5GB Month 1,640 yen
    7GB Month 2,300 yen
    10GB Month 2,640 yen
  • Data communication + voice call
    3GB Month 1,690 yen
    5GB Month 2,220 yen
    7GB Month 2,880 yen
    10GB Month 3,220 yen



This time, I am using the "Communication Free" plan with unlimited use of LINE, Twitter, Facebook XNUM X SNSData communication + SMSI applied for 3GB (monthly 1,110 yen).

SIM size isStandard SIM (mini-SIM),micro-SIM,Choose the size that suits your terminal from the 3 type of nano-SIM.


Fees are registered as initial fee 3,000 (excluding tax) and free to communicate as monthly feesData communication + SMS XNUM X GB) 1,110 (excluding tax) and universal service fee 3 (excluding tax) will apply.

check"Proceed to the next"Tap.

Enter customer information


From here, enter your information.

  • Name of contractor (Kanji / Katakana)
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail Address
  • Telephone number

Enter the. After this, please be careful because the application will be canceled if the content does not match the personal identification document to be uploaded.


Read the terms and conditions, handling of personal information, important important matters explanation, count free explanation carefully, and tap "Continuing (e-mail address confirmation)" after tapping the agreement.

Then to the e-mail address of the applicationLINEmobile[Identification documents aproPleaseYou will receive an email with the title "," and you will access the URL for uploading the verification document in the text.

Send identity verification documents


Next, we will send you an identity verification document.

If it is a smartphone, it is OK if you shoot the identity verification documents with the camera and upload it.

LINE Mobile

Take a picture from the driver's license, health insurance card, resident registry card, etc., select a photo from "Upload file", and tap "advance" after uploading.

Be sure to upload the reverse side of the driver's license if the post-change address is listed on the back side of the driver's license.

Choose a payment method


The payment method can be selected by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX, Diners) or LINEPay.

You can pay with a LINEPay card!

LINEpay card
Payment is also possible with the "LINE" prepaid credit card "LINEPay Card".
If it is a "LINEPay card", 100 points will be accumulated for each 2 yen, so the reduction rate 2%!
The accumulated points can be exchanged from 1 points to LINE Pay balance in 1 points 1000 yen conversion!


Enter your payment method and press "Next" at the bottom of the screen.

Setting LINE Mobile My Page Login ID and Password


Finally, enter your ID and password to log in to LINE Mobile's My Page.

Final confirmation


LINE Mobile

The final confirmation of the application will be made at the end. If you want to change it, tap "Edit" and change it.

Finally, tap "Apply",

Application complete!

LINE Mobile

If this completion screen is displayed, the application is complete. Then, if there is no mistake in identity verification "LINEmobile] Application completedContactYou will receive an email with the title, which will be shipped the next day!

LINE Mobile

With that, the SIM card of LINE Mobile has arrived safely in Yamato Transport's "TA-Q-BIN Compact" (^ ^) Next time, I will tell you about the setting method of APN!

→ Click here to apply for LINE Mobile

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