【Pokemon GO】 Pokestop and gym at Haneda Airport Terminal 2

The other day I went to Ishigaki Island, but of course it was an airplane.

This time, I checked the Pokemon GO Pokemon and Gym at Haneda Airport Terminal 2!

To Haneda Airport Terminal 2

Haneda Airport Terminal 2 is an airport where ANA, AIR DO, Sorashid Air, and Star Flyer (for Fukuoka, Yamaguchi Ube and Kansai Airport) depart.

Clock tower of departure lobby is pocket stop

At the entrance to Terminal 2, "Haneda Airport No. 2 Building Station" in Tokyo Monorail, Yuru Chara "Monorun" is a poke stop. As for familiar McDonald's, Haneda Station second building station store is pocket rest.

Clock tower is pocket stop or gym

There are clock towers at 2 locations in the departure floor on the 6 floor, but at 5 locations there are pocket stops and XNUM locations are gyms.

An information board and a green chair object are on the transfer deck on the roof floor.

The artwork on the 1 floor terminal building "Lake by the night" and the kids corner on the 2 floor departure lobby South Pier are the pocket stops.

Haneda Airport Poke Stop

Art work "MOOON" in 5 floor terminal place became gym.

I checked the poke top and gym of Haneda Airport where a lot of people come and go from morning. Especially because there are many people near the clock tower in the departure lobby, the lure module was inserted with high probability!

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