We have experienced an evolutionary "air cheese cake" made with Philadelphia cream cheese [PR]

It is Tokyo walk Po which likes cheesecake!
This time, we received an invitation from Mr. Morinaga Milk Industry.Philadelphia Cream Cheese Air Cheese Cake ExperienceThe couple has participated in "!" What kind of cheese cake is "air cheese cake" that can be made in just 5 minutes?

It can be made in 5 minutes! Air cheese cake experience party



At this day's presentationPhiladelphia cream cheeseIt was a program to actually experience making a new sense of air cheese cake with using, a new recipe menu using air cheese cake, and an 2 bookstore with a new collaborative presentation.

First, I explained about Air Cheese Cake. Air cheese cake is a new proposal menu developed by taking advantage of the creamy, rich taste and soft, easy-to-mix features of a Philadelphia cream cheese natural cheese. The following 5 were announced as air cheese cake features.

  1. Never beforeMofumovAnd the texture
  2. the material isSugar, fresh cream, fora delphia cream cheeseOnly 3 of
  3. Just mixSo you can make it very easy
  4. Cooking isWithin 5 minutesCan be made in a short time
  5. Fits various ingredients such as toast and granolaFreedom of arrangement

You can make a delicious cheesecake with 3 ingredients and cooking time of 5! ? From here on, let's actually make the air cheese cake by ourselves!

Air cheese cake recipe


What was preparedPhiladelphia cream cheese (half a box of XNUM x g),Fresh cream XNUM x ml (Cooled from below with a bowl of ice)AndSugar (stick sugar 4 bags)Mix with a hand mixer to make an air cheesecake!


At first we whip up fresh cream to the softness that Tsuno stands with a hand mixer! Fresh cream seems to foam cleanly even if it does not put sugar if it mixes it while chilling with ice!


Then mix in half a box of Philadelphia cream cheese and sugar.

Preparation of air cheese cake by mixing cream and sugar with philadelphia cream cheese (^. ^) # Air cheese cake

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If you add a mixture of Philadelphia cream cheese mixed with sugar to a whipped fresh cream and mix it with a hand mixer ...Oh~~! A soft and creamy air cheese cake has been completed!

When I tasted it, I turned it into a splendid cheesecake with a rich but fluffy texture. It is easy and delicious (^ ω ^)


Fill the freshly squirted air cheese cake into a whipper and get ready!

I will make an original arrangement menu!

At the venue, there were a variety of ingredients such as sweets from Morinaga Milk Industry, raw ham and salmon. I will create an original menu using this!


We put blueberry jam on bread and tried to put air cheese cake on it. Gently cover the sweetness of the jam with air cream cheese and add richness.

When I put it on salmon and eat it, the saltiness of salmon and the sourness of air cheese cake complement each other, so it's a perfect match! If you put it on top of the cracker and turn it into a canapé, it will be appreciated at the party!

Petit arrangement using twig chocolate and poterong. The snack time will be fun with a little twist!It was a surprise that air cheese cakes fit a wide range of food to sweets and sweets. I can do this in just 5 minutes!(I have to buy a hand mixer)

Get World Barista Champion Cappuccino


On this day, she was the first Asian Barista Champion 2014,Mr. Hidenori Izaki, a representative of the Samurai Coffee Experience, had me sipping cappuccino directly!


Mr. Izaki, who creates latte art with artistic hand gestures. cool!

Eggs 'n Things'Mango pancake with air cheese cake'

Furthermore, a collaboration menu between Morinaga Milk Industry and EGGS 'N THINGS JAPAN was also announced on this day. 2016 year 8 month 1 day (Mon) to 8 month 31 day (Wednesday) will be sold at 16 stores nationwide for a limited timeMango pancake with air cheese cake"XNUM X yen (excluding tax).

Mango sauce on top of pancakePlenty of specially made whipped cream with Philadelphia cream cheese!It's like summer It's a collaboration like Eggsun Things (^ ^)

Japan Frito-Lay "garret popcorn" and collaboration menu

The collaboration menu with Garrett Popcorn, run by Japan Frito-Lay, has a combination of popcorn texture and acidity.Choco Caramel Poffe"When"Mango coconut poffe"XNUM X yen (excluding tax)!

Taste the new menu!


I tasted the collaboration menu with Cappuccino, which Izaki-san was in love with!


It is Eggsun Things which is characterized by heaps of whipped cream, but the collaboration menuMango pancake with air cheese cake"XNUM X yen (excluding tax) is a combination of the sweetness of grated mango in mochi mochi dough and the sour taste of specially made whipped cream with Philadelphia cream cheese added. It is a pancake that can be eaten clean and not heavy even if it is rich!


Garrett popcorn collaboration menu "Choco Caramel PoffePopcorn (poffer) is eaten with parfait that contains chocolate sauce and nuts in a popcorn and air cheese cake. The salty and bitter taste of caramel goes well with this cheese cake (^ ^)

A new recipe devised by Hidenori Izaki


Also on this day, a new recipe that matches the coffee that World Varistor Champion 2014's Hidenori Izaki was involved in developing a new recipe was also announced.

IMG_0188 copy

  • Ogura Air Cheese Cake Sand
  • Weiner coffee air cheese cake tailoring
  • Air cheese cake fruit granola
  • Coffee scraping ice
  • Served with air cheese cake
  • Grilled Banana Air Cheese Cake Served

All the arrange recipes are just delicious. Mr. Izaki said, “Coffee is the connection itself. I think that the Philadelphia cream cheese that has been loved for many generations for many years is also the connection. I would like everyone to know as a good product. "

Izaki's recipe isOfficial WebsiteBut you can see it!

You can also experience making air cheese cake at Kidzania Koshien

IMG_0036 copy

またKidzania KoshienIn "2016 year 7 month 20 day from Morinaga milk industry cosponsor's"Milk houseNew pavilion is open. It seems that you can experience "air cheese cake making" as an activity here.



Asuka and Patri who participated together.The new style of air cheese cake made with Philadelphia cream cheese is really easy and hassle-free.Arranged dishes using evolutionary air cheese cake are endless depending on ideas! It should be good for various dishes!

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