【Chitose Ulsan】 Hiromi Bozan is a safe and energetic Chinese restaurant with a new generation of chefs # # Hiromibo

I love delicious things, it is a Tokyo walk.
This time, we were invited by Mr. Hiromi-bo-san in Chitose-san, Setagaya-ku and participated in the tasting party.
We will introduce a Chinese restaurant called "Hamomi Bozan" where a new generation of chefs are at the mercy!

A minute walk from Chitose Teiyama Station

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

From the Keio Line Chitose-Sasayama Station, walk XNUM minutes. Founded 7 year in a corner of a quiet residential areaHiromi Bozan-Shop"There is. The atmosphere of a full-fledged Chinese restaurant transmitted from the exterior of the store. Let's get in!

Hiromi Bozan-Shop
Hiromi Bozan-Shop

The shop is very clean and tidy and clean.

Although it is a theory, it is fun because there are many places where the restaurant is beautiful and the food is also polite (^ ^)

Menu of Guangmi Bozan Store

This is the menu of Mr. Hiromi-bosan. (※ Click to enlarge) Dim Sum, noodles, fried rice and Peking duck! Mr. Hiromibo is characterized by the ability to eat a wide variety of delicious dishes, regardless of what is called Chinese cuisine, such as Beijing and Sichuan dishes.So the store's name is "Yakumi-bo" (^ ^)

This time, we will have a choice of restaurant choices!

Water dumpling (XNUM X x X X X)

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

First of all, water gyoza arrives!

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

Both dumplings and dumplings appeared in XNUM type. eh! Are there only so many types of pickles? If you introduce one by one,

  • Shanxi type (upper left)
    Black vinegar and garlic, soy sauce sauce. Pakchi is your choice
  • Hong Kong style (lower left)
    Spicy sauce with spiced soy sauce and ginger
  • Sichuan type (upper right)
    Gomada with sesame and homemade soy sauce and plenty of spice
  • Japanese style (lower right)
    Refreshing Japanese style sauce with daikon radish divided with vinegar soy sauce

No matter what you take, it's fun because it's only unique.

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

I tried to use Sichuan-style sesame sauce. The rich sweetness of sesame seeds and the spicy taste of soy sauce are often entangled in the skin of sticky dumplings and this is delicious (^^) This is also fun for cooking after this!

Grilled gyoza (XNUM X X X X) will be sold in the future

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

In home China, it seems that water dumplings are popular and grilled dumplings are hardly eaten.Tasting grilled gyoza dumplings scheduled to start selling this summer.

Oversized grilled gyoza comes up! You will have pickled vinegar soy sauce, soy sauce, and pepper pickles!

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

Of new products of whether or not 1.5 times of baked gyoza are commonBaked dumplings are also sticky. You can eat delicious even if it gets cold (^^)

Small parcel package (XNUM X x X NUM X)

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

A package has arrived! It's very easy to get, one by one in a small lotus. I'm happy about the details.

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

I was able to freshen the red ginger with red vinegar.

Stir-fried egg with fresh sea urchin, crab and salmon root (from 2,200 yen)

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

One dish following the dim sum. Food made with raw sea urchin comes from the beginning!

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

Stir-fried egg white coated creamy raw sea urchin. I love the delicious and delicious sweetness of lily root in a fluffy texture (^ ω ^)

Soft spare rib spice stir-fry (XNUM X book X NUM X yen)

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

Next is the spare rib!Spareribs! ? I asked again, but this is a stir-fry of spareribs, which is soaked in XNUM X kinds of spice such as flower buds and garlic.

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

It's a stir-fry, but the spice is like a batter and wraps around the meat.The first texture is cool! !

The meat inside is unrolled in the mouth so gently that I can not think it is a stir-fry. The hotness of the yams comes crisply, but it is not the hotness that will come later. This is the taste I ate for the first time. A little moving level.

I have a black rice wine

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

I also have a dish and I can drink alcohol. This is sake called black rice liquor.

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

It is made of black glutinous rice, so black rice wine has less habit like Shaoxing wine and it is a refreshing drink. I drink for the first time, but it is quite easy to drink (^ ^)

Stir-fried Sichuan flavored fried sweet potato (XNUM X yen)

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

This is"Stir-fried Sichuan flavor fried sweet potato. "

nice smell! Garlic sprouts, pakuchi, peppers and other richly flavored vegetables color the dish.

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

Really there is a habit!

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

Sakubori crispy! Sweet potato texture and unbelievable texture (^ ^)

This dish of sweet potato, which was fragrant and carefully fried, was the most tasteful and impressed on this day.

Illusion of noodles (XNUM X yen)

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

Then noodle dishes! "Noodles of vision" appeared that they may not be released in the situation of arrival of food.

Shirayu soup is a soup made with flounder soup so it's amazing!

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

When I bring my noodles, oh! Isn't it a sword cutting noodle (toshomen)?

The sword cutting noodles made so as to literally "cut" with a dedicated sword are wider and shorter than ordinary noodles, but the texture is firm and entangled with the soup. Hiromi-bo is a Chinese noodle from ChinaSpecial grade noodle pointerIt is said that the master of making noodles called is called and inherits the technique of sword cutting noodles.

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

The body of flatfish is also used so much. If you eat this after drinking it, you may have a hangover and loneliness. Stomach-friendly "phantom noodles" is the decisive taste of finely chopped high-quality vegetables.

ジ ャ ー (麺 ジ ャ ー) 刀 ((XNUM X yen)

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

Jarger's noodles are also swordsmen's noodles!

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

Meat miso and cucumber are entwined with sword cutting noodles w

It is a level that you can lean on or ride on. I want to eat it this summer, once a week (^^)

Stir-fried soba noodles (XNUM X yen) with yellow leek and sword-cutting noodles

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

This is also coming soon.Stir-fried noodle with yellow leek and chiseled noodles". The soup is soaked in the noodles so much that it can be eaten deliciously even if it is fried. I felt a good feeling of crispness of bean sprouts that I took a beard of yellow leek and 1 each. It will soon become popular.

Miso noodle (XNUM X yen)

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

The last is Makoto Noodles (Marla Noodles).

There is plenty of flavor vegetables such as pakuchi on top of the soup where sour taste is mixed with yam and pepper. This Mame noodle is a staple product of Hiromi-bo.

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

Boiled meat roses were soft and tender ('∀`)

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

Before eating, I was prepared to be quite hot, but since the hot pot of the yam is stronger than the hot chili pepper, it is not the hot pot to pull back up to that point. Rather, the spicy taste is sour and it is delicious.Let's get so energetic that summer buzz or blowing is going to fly!I think that there is an individual difference in Pakkuchi, but it is a recommended dish for those who like it.I liked this most for noodles.

It is said that this Miso noodle can be eaten at Eat-in at Hiromichi Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi branch.

Mr. Hajime Igarashi, the chef of Hiromi-bosan

Hiromi Bozan-Shop

The chief chef of Mr. Hiromi Bozan has a name among the XNUM names who topped the first round of screening at RED U-35, one of Japan's largest chef competitions currently being held.Hajime IgarashiMr. I demonstrated the shaving operation of the sword cutting noodles.

Mr. Igarashi is a genuine Chinese cook who visited China with his predecessors since he was an elementary school student and has been exploring the taste of various Chinese dishes. I still study Chinese cuisine regularly across China. I want you to taste the depth of Chinese food safelyMr. Hiromibo does not use any chemical seasoningAs for ingredients, choose foods that are fresh in Tsukiji, and ingredients of 90% or more use domestic ingredients and consider safety.

The attitude of Mr. Igarashi who was always thinking about how to provide safe and delicious food to our customers by grasping all the good and bad points of the present Chinese food was very cool. As for the visitor of the attitude that is Hiromi Bozan storeRepeat rate 85%I think that is connected to the amazing numbers that say.

The history of China, which is said to be the history of 3,000 years, is also the history of food. Mr. Igarashi-san, Mr. Hiromi Bozan's store is safe, delicious and healthy. It is a restaurant where you can feel the best of historical Chinese cuisine.

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