[Tokyo Station Hotel XNUM XF] Eat ice of summer and Wenzhou orange in TORAYA TOKYO → White bean is decisive

It is summer production soon this year too! It is a Tokyo walk.
What I want to eat at this time is after all ice!
This time by "TORAYA TOKYO" at Tokyo Station Hotel 2F in JR Tokyo Station BuildingHinata summer and ice of Wenzhou orangeHave eaten!

Tokyo Station Hotel XNUM X F


We came to JR Tokyo Station which reached the opening 2 anniversary XNUM X years ago! Inside this station there is the Tokyo Station Hotel, which reopened at the time of renewal. As you move up to the 100 floor with the hotel's central elevator, people crossing the ticket gate will come out to the corridor seen from above. There was such a thing ^ ^



"TORAYA TOKYO" is located along the corridor. That's Mr. Toraya's tea room. This day was shown on the afternoon of the weekday, waiting for about 5 minutes.

Let's get in soon.


There are some large windows inside the store, and a lot of natural light from there comes in, so the light of the low. The brick wall that has been around since 100 years is impressive.


This time I sat in the counter seat where bright sunshine enters.

Ice menu of TORAYA TOKYO

IMG_7088 copy

Today I would like to eat shaved ice from before! Ice menu is 3 type. simpleUji Kintoki (XNUM X yen)ToRaw sea bream (XNUM X yen)Looks delicious too.

Looking at the bottomI was fascinated by the visuals of Hinata summer and Wenzhou orange! Let's go this (^ ^)

Hinata summer and Wenzhou orange ice (XNUM X yen)


10 minutes to wait.Hyuga summer and Wenzhou orange ice arrive! !

Oh, oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ What a beautiful shaved ice!

IMG_6501 copy

The bowl is also cool ('∀`) Honey and orange agar with a feeling of grains are cute!


Complete ...


A good deal.

Let's eat!


Yup! Shaved ice is soft, and soft sunny summer and sweet Wenzhou orange combine to produce just good sweet and sour taste!

It is delicious (^ ^)


Go ahead and eat the agar of oranges.


Rather than agar, it feels more like a water jar! This is also delicious ('∀ `)


As you go on eating, Ogura Annunaku white ann appears from the bottom of the bowl! This is quite unusual.


It is different from the honey of oranges,Soft sweet white annu accentuatedYou can eat until the end without getting tired! It was delicious!


I finished eating quickly. It was a feast ('▽ `)



TORARA TOKYO was a wonderful tea room where you can take a break in the historic building of Tokyo Station Hotel. Shaved ice also feels elegant, but the spine stretches involuntarily,Hinata summer and ice of Wenzhou orangeIs one of the shaved ice that I would like to eat by all means this summer!

TORARA TOKYO Store Information

Location: Tokyo Station Hotel Marunouchi South Dome 2F
営業時間:平日・土曜日10:00〜21:00(L.O. 20:30)日祝:10:00〜20:00(L.O. 19:30)
TEL: 03-5220-2345
Number of seats: 48 seats
Official site:http://www.tokyostationhotel.jp/restaurants/toraya/

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