【Kyushu trip is up to 70% OFF!】 Do your best Kumamoto! "Kyushu fukkokowari (Kyushu sightseeing support travel ticket)" from 7 / 1 to sale

Due to the reputational damage caused by the Kumamoto earthquake that occurred in 4 this month, accommodation cancellations for about 75 10,000 people have been issued in Kyushu. The government is expecting to become a catalyst for the reconstruction of tourism in Kyushu, and the budget for 180 billion yen will be spent on trips to Kyushu with the maximum 7 discount. "Kyushu Fukko Discount (Kyushu sightseeing support travel ticket)There has been a report that it is expected to be released from 7 and 1 days.

With Kyushu Fukko-Kori

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'Kyushu Fukko Discount (Kyushu sightseeing support travel ticket)"(Discounted travel plan subsidy program for supporting Kyushu sightseeingIt is a grant to subsidize travel discounts, sales expenses and campaign expenses for Kyushu 7 Prefecture, which was seriously damaged by the Kumamoto earthquake. Sales will begin on the day of 7 / Month through the online reservation site, ticket terminals in convenience stores, and travel agency windows.

"Kyushu FukkoPercentage'Target travel plans for

The target plans for "Kyushu Fukko-Kowari" are as follows.

  • Accommodation trip in Kyushu
  • Overnight accommodation with transportation to Kyushu
  • One day trip to Kyushu
  • Pay experience program in Kyushu

Discount rate is up to 70% OFF in Kumamoto, Oita!

Astonishingly, the discount rate. The discount rates for each prefecture are as follows.

  • Kumamoto Prefecture / Oita Prefecture: 7-9 month = maximum 70% (average 50%), 10-12 month maximum 50% (average 25%)
  • Fukuoka Prefecture, Saga Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefecture, Miyazaki Prefecture, Kagoshima Prefecture: 7 to 9Month =Up to 50% ( Average 20%) 10 ~ 12 Month = Maximum 40% (average 10%)

The discount limit per person for 1 is 1 10,000 yen for 2 nights 2 days, and 2 10,000 yen for 3 nights 3 days or more. Last yearMiyagi PrefectureIn many areas, includingOldness and travel ticket"Sold" but 70% discount is a considerable discount rate. It will be popular for the summer vacation travel season!

Kyushu Tourism Reconstruction Portal Site "Now for Kyushu" opened

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Under such circumstances, the Kyushu Tourism Reconstruction Portal Site "Now for Kyushu" is launched to convey the present of Kyushu, and interviews with female generals of Kumamoto and Oita inn and hotels are posted.

'Kyushu Fukko Discount (Kyushu sightseeing support travel ticket)It is good that as many people as 1 people visit in each prefecture, including Kumamoto and Oita prefectures, which have been greatly damaged by the earthquake.

Kyushu Fukko Discount / Yahoo! Travel (Under distribution

Let's go to Kyushu using Kyushu Fukkoku! / Travel (Under distribution

"Kyushu Fukko Kowari" will be distributed on Yahoo! Travel's Travel from 7 / Month 13.

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