[Shimokitazawa Sanpo] Walk around the chaotic city that changes every day

The other day "Totoro cream puff"I went to a cute Setagaya Yoda cafe, but this is actually hereOkuno UncleI was asked to take it to you. I have done Shimokita sanpo with Mr. Okuno who still has time after the cafe.

To Shimokitazawa Ichibancho


It's really just a few minutes walk from the Setagaya-Yoda cafe that produces "Totoro's cream cream" to Shimokitazawa. To Shimokitazawa quickly. Today is Shimokitasanpo from here Shimokitazawa Ichiban (^ ^)

IMG_4266 copy

This is Oden and Yakitori, which will be the founding 60 year.Royal key (Miyakagi)"Mr. Okuno-san recently drank the oden juice here divided by a cup of Ozeki, but it was also very delicious. I would like to drink it for a while ('∀`)

To the rumored natto shop


When you look at the Okuno-san's timeline, the "natto studio sendai" shop here is an all-you-can-eat natto shop that sometimes flows.


There are various types of natto vending machines installed at the storefront.

You can always eat natto from all over Japan!


Okuno's recommendation is "Eda tonato"(172 yen).

Natto made literally of edamame.Ariyoshi-kun's honest SanpoI also came (^ ^)


Later on, I tried eating "Eda-donato". I thought it looks green, but usually natto-colored. It was large grain than usual, but this was delicious again (^ ^)

Natto all-you-can-eat set meal (790 yen)I would like to eat some!

Egg of Toyonchi


There is another delicious egg! It is this "Toyonchi no Tamago" who was brought with me.



If you try inside, oh ~ I really sell only eggs! And this nice egg!

Okuno-san's recommended "King egg" to buy 4 one and eat it for breakfast the next day!


The king egg TKG!


This "king egg" that is born from a red chicken.

Very dark!


Stir gently with soy sauce and cook with freshly cooked rice!

Hm ~ ~ (^ ^) Eggs have a strong taste and you can eat Sulsuul! TKG strongest (^ ^)


Shimokitazawa's first town with a long history. There are new shops, old-fashioned shops, and chaotic scenes spread. A long chaotic city, Shimokitazawa (※ I appreciate it)

Mystery candy store


Suddenly, what came into my eyes was "Midnight's candy store naughty place". It is written as a villain and it seems to read "warugaki salon". Mysterious shop that is doing from 6 of the evening to 5 the next morning.

This day is still open. It's too mysterious. Let's go next time.

Shimokitazawa Open Source Cafe

IMG_4299 copy

There is such a coworking space a little away from Shimokitazawa Ichiban-cho. This "Shimokitazawa Open Source Cafe" is a coworking space available from XNUM X day X NUM X yen. It seems that many WordPress system engineers gather. Okuno-san I know that well ~.

Shimokitazawa with height difference


Suddenly, it becomes like Bratamori, but originally places where "Sawa" or "Valley" is attached to the place name have a lot of height difference. In other words, there are many slopes and stairs, which is also a feature of Shimokitazawa. There is such a stairway before the stamp on the Inokashira Line between Shimokitazawa Station and Shinshiroda Station


Hydrangea along the Inokashira line feels good this season.



The neighboring Higashimatsubara station is lit up from 6 time until 23 month 19 day to 21 time 30 minutes!

A well-established pizzeria doing 36 years


The last guide was Shimokita "La Befana", a long-established pizzeria that continues for XNUM years. A pizza made with Italian stone pots looks delicious!

Let's go here again!



The Odakyu Line Shimokitazawa Station trace that was undergrounded several years ago is under construction, although it is being improved a little. There are talks of redevelopment after this, and maybe the chaotic Shimokitazawa will be missed someday.

I told Shimokitazawa Sanpo that changes every day like that. I want to drink again ('∀ `)

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