I found a day trip hot spring calm in Yamanashi

The last stop to go out is the standard bath room (@ PEN_PEN_)is.
There is nothing wrong with this time, but I have found a hot spring that feels so calm.

Good access! As soon as you get off Chuo-do Futaba SA, "Yumemi no Oka"

This time I went to a hot spring from other places, but if I check it, it's a carGet off from Futaba service area on Chuo-do and get XNUM minutesIt seems to arrive in time. Good access! !



Arrived. I came this time "Yamanashi day return hot spring hot spring hillIt is a hot spring to say.
There is a price list at the entrance. Adult XNUM X Yen is a modest price setting.
Well, hot water.

The hot spring is too ordinary to settle down

Lockers in the changing room are free of charge. There is no need to worry about change, as it can be used free of charge later than putting in 100 yen.

Well, that's the kind of hot spring

・ Mid-warm bath
・ High temperature bath
・ Bubbly bath
・ Water bath
・ Ultra-high temperature bath
・ Open-air bath

There is only this, but it is Nazo that super-high temperature is.
Well, I can not take pictures, so I will explain them one by one. I have not entered everything.

Medium temperature bath
It was a very common temperature.
I think it's not sulfur, but something like a spa-like scent. It's a little white and cloudy.

High temperature bath
hot. The heat of the weak can not enter for a long time.

Bubble bath
Bubbles were coming out. It feels so good to go in for quite a long time.

Water bath
My heart is crazy! It does not enter because it becomes.

Ultra high temperature bath
I challenged. I put my foot and came out in 5 seconds. No, it's about 3 seconds. It's too hot.
I wonder if there is a person who can put in this! Though I thought, I was blessed by the people who are in the standing position.

Outdoor bath
It's almost slim and it's warm. Is it about the same temperature as the bubble bath? ?
I felt that I made a rock bath by force on the balcony. There is a smell like sulfur, and there is a slightly darker cloudiness than the medium-temperature bath.
The coming season may be just right to enter while feeling the night or the wind (^-^)

Isn't it like this? It is Zakkuri, though.
What to sayIt is impressive that the attack power of ultra-high temperature bath is high. I thought I was walking into the poisonous swamp. That's bad.

By the way, because there are rinse-in shampoo and body soap, you can save less luggage.

There is a coffee milk vending machine that everyone loves in the changing room. You can drink coffee milk in a second speed from the hot spring o (^ _ ^) o
Coffee milk and milk are 100 yen. Premium milk is 120 yen. The manufacturer is Morinaga.
Tea coffee milk XNUM X yen is rare now!

The rest area is too ordinary to settle down

The hot water was normal but the rest area is also normal. No, it's usually too late to settle down.


A rest area with a regular tatami and a table.
It is a photograph taken on the way back from the floor but it is a cushion.
I was surprised that the ticket vending machine was introduced unexpectedly when I tried to order to eat.


Most of them are ramen, udon, soba, curry, etc., and they fit around 500 or 550 and are cheap! !


MoreoverCurry is sweetI'm only careful if there is a setting of w

That's why I waited for a ramen, but for the time being, I have to wait for a while.


Draft beer 500 yen! !
But what if it was only beer.


Yes, it will be boiled. It becomes 400 yen.
I feel that boiling with 400 yen is high is a psychological kind of saying that the meal is only 500 yen.
However, I had a certain amount of simmered simmered in it and simmered in it well and the taste was soaked, so I asked for it and was correct.


Well, ramen came soon, though.
This ramen is 500 yen. cheap! !


The strongest team was finished.


Are ramen choking noodles of medium weight?
The pepper of GABA N was coarse.
It was small but it was juicy and sweetened.
The soup has a fishy taste and a rustic taste.
According to ouhasa, the shopkeeper here is making soup. I felt something close to me.


There are also rice balls 2 and 300 yen. Contents were kelp and plum.

The menu here is full of items other than the one I asked this time. It is a snack systemTuna cutletAndGrilled squidAndMiso OdenThere was also a menu that I felt like I would not see so much in other hot springs.
Sake and sake are, of course, sake and sake, and shochu is also a corner highball and shochu, and I have felt enthusiasm.
I'm also doing bottle keeping. Is it completely targeted by locals? ?
It is a comfort that you want to be weird here from daytime to yeah really.

Good access, abundant food, great comfort

The access from the highway is also good and the food is plentiful, and above all the baths and rest areas are so calm that you want to stay long.
Would you like a hot spring that you can unwind at the end of your trip?

Yamanashi Hijie Onsen Yumeminooka Store Information

Address: Shimoimai Kai, Yamanashi Prefecture 2361-11
Phone: 0551-28-2500
Business hours: 10: 00 to 22: 00 (order stop 21: 00)
Fee: Adult: XNUM X yen
Dwarf: XNUM X yen (XNUM X years old-elementary school students)
Official site:http://www.geocities.jp/yumemionsen/indexpc.html

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