[Setagaya Yoda] Totoro's cream puff is cute! I went to the white cream puff cream studio and cafe with Ghibli world view!

Totoro cream puff

I am a Ghibli child.
Can you eat Totoro-shaped cream puff? I have heard such a thing for several years. The other day I went to the store to check the rumor, so I would like to introduce it.

A cafe terrace that suddenly appears in a residential area in Setagaya

White cream puff cream studio

You can walk down from Odakyu Line Setagaya-Yoda Station for about XNUM minutes, and from Shimokitazawa Station you can see Western-style buildings with stylish terrace seating in a quiet residential area for about 5 minutes.

White cream puff cream studio

This 1 floor "White cream puff cream studioThe cafe on the 2 floorToro Coffee & Bakery"I become. Naming to remind "Totoro" from the name of the store! Let's get in right away.

Totoro characters meet from the front door.

White cream puff cream studio

Such a cute Totoro is also on the stairs going up to the cafe on the 2 floor (^ ^)

A casual place is cute, isn't it? First of all, to "Shiroi Cream Cream Studio" on 1 floor.

"Shrimp cream studio of white birch" of 1 floor

White cream puff cream studio

"Shrub cream studio of white birch" of the XNUM floor like "Gucho Kipan store" coming out to "Kiki's Delivery Service". In addition to the signboard product "Totoro's Scream Cream", we also sell baked goods such as children Totoro and cookies in the shape of tree leaves.

White cream puff cream studio

On the wall of the shop, illustrations of "Nausicaa" by Miyazaki Hayao directed and colored paper with a sign! Actually, it is said that the shop here, a relative of Miyazaki's manager, is managed,It is a precious shop that can produce and sell "Totoro's cream cream" only in the world.

Speaking of which, the character that this shop's Shirakaba is also drawn with a touch like Miyazaki's director. What a nice shop.

Totoro cream (from 400 yen)

White cream puff cream studio

And "of signboard products"Totoro cream puff"It is a cute cream puff shaped like Totoro as its name suggests!" This is too cute (^ ^) This cream puff is of course takeaway, cafe on the XNUM floor "Toro Coffee & Bakery"But you can eat at Eat-in.

Let's go to a cafe on the 2 floor this time.

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