Find out more about chocolate while tasting the manufacturing process at Minimal (minimal) Ginza Bean to Bar Stand

It is Tokyo favorite that chocolate likes.

XNUM X Year XNUM X Month Open on XNUM X Day (Wednesday)Minimal Ginza Bean to Bar Stand (Minimal Ginza Bean To Bar Stand)I participated in the tasting preview of

Walk from Ginza Station for XNUM minutes


From Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Ginza Station, walk XNUM minutes. Opening on the 3 floor of the building on the other side of Matsuya GinzaMinimal Ginza Bean to Bar Stand"is. The concept of the same store, which was exhibited for the first time in “Salon du Chocolat Japan” this month in 2, is “To enjoy the difference in cocoa beans”.


The design is refined like Ginza in the store. This is a take-out shop where you can choose your favorite products while tasting chocolate made from cocoa beans from around the world at a large counter table.


Products sold include cacao beans in the form of tablet-type bean-to-bar chocolate (plate chocolate) and cacao candy, chocolate ice, cacao drinks, gift sets for gift giving etc. It will be sold.

You can sample the manufacturing process


Here "Minimal Ginza Bean to Bar StandThe most important feature of '' is the ability to “test” the manufacturing process from cocoa beans to chocolate.


The name "Bean to Bar" (bean to bar), which is also the store's name, is chocolate that carries out the entire process of selecting beans, roasting, grinding, blending, and molding in a single workshop, adhering to the purchase of cocoa beans. It is a manufacturing style.

The ingredients of this chocolate are only cocoa beans and sugar. It is manufactured at the head office of Minimal at Shibuya-ku Tomigaya, but you can sample the chocolate manufacturing process at this newly opened Ginza store!

Fresh roasted cocoa beans



Cocoa beans take out cocoa beans from cacao nuts called cocoa pods and roast them. On this day, we could sample roasted Haitian and Vietnamese cocoa beans.


What crushed the cocoa beans "Cacao nibIt can also be tasted. Rich in polyphenols and attracting attention as a super foodCacao nib"It is also recommended for alcohol snacks, salads, yogurt, and vanilla ice toppings.


The cacao nib is crushed and pasteed with a dedicated machine!

Cocoa beans are mashed and paste-like with Minimal Ginza Bean to Bar Stand! Vivid smell (^. ^)

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The taste of the paste which mashed 100% cocoa beans is thick and vivid! This paste is molded and cooled to complete the chocolate. It is definitely delicious if you make this chocolate (^ ^)

Chocolate drink and cacao pulp juice


After looking through the process of making chocolate, I finally wanted to eat chocolate. It also sells 4 chocolate drinks and chocolate ice cream.

Chocolate drinkHot chocolate (702 yen)Including spices, ginger and so onChocolate heart "ginger" (XNUM X yen)(Right photo), boiled fruity cacao and dividing it with milkChocolate "tea" (648 yen)(Middle photo), cacao pulp juiceCocoa pulp juice (XNUM X yen)"(Left picture) sold.


Cacao fruit juice "Cacao pulp juice"Half cloudy juice. The chocolate that I always ate had a sweet taste with a fruity flavor that I could hardly imagine. This is quite valuable!

Chocolate ice (XNUM X yen ~)


Four kinds of chocolate ice cream made of cacao beans, milk, sugar and honey without using eggs and cream are said to taste different in the production area like chocolate.

Bean to Bar Chocolate Tablet (XNUM ~)


And finally the signboard product "Bean to Bar Chocolate TabletIntroduce ".

Behind the counter are 14 cmx XNUM X cm tablet chocolates.




Mini-size (3cmx5cm) tablet chocolate is displayed in the showcase. Cacao beans 6 and 7 types with different origins are sold in 3 categories of “NUTTY”, “FRUITY” and “SAVOY”.


There is a tasting corner across the counter so let's introduce some! (Price is board chocolate 1 sheet 14 cmx X NUM X cm size)

Natty Rosti (XNUM X yen)


Made of only Honduras cocoa beans and sugarNatty Rosti"This is literally chocolate with a flavor and taste like almond nuts.

Natty Chocolates (XNUM X yen)


Made with Haiti's cacao beans and sugar onlyNatty Chocolate"A chocolate with a citrus flavor and almond flavor. It's a medium size, so cacao nib's crush is like nuts.

Fruity berry like (XNUM X yen)


Made only from Colombian cocoa beans and sugarFruity berry like"The moment you put it in your mouth, it's a chocolate with a refreshing acidity and sweetness like raisins. The taste is so different just by changing the production area (^ ^)

Fruity Citric (XNUM X)


Made only from Tanzanian cocoa beans and sugarFruity Citric"A refreshing sour chocolate like green apple."

Savery Herbal (XNUM X)


Made only with cocoa beans and sugar from Trinidad and TobagoSeverly Herbal"It is a taste reminiscent of a clean aftertaste mint.

Saberly Spicy (XNUM X yen)


Made only from Ghanaian cocoa beans and sugarSabery spicy"The chocolate was a pleasant cinnamon spice and sweet finish.


The flavor is very different depending on the way of roasting and the combination of sugar and cacao beans. "Minimal" bean to bar chocolate tablet should be eaten by breaking it into small and large shapes!


This is a mini size (3cmx5cm) tablet chocolate with 3 types x3 = total 9Tasting set"(XNUM yen)" is a recommended set for Ginza stores only, where you can compare eaten cacao beans.


You can make an original chocolate drink as soon as it dissolves in milk and hot water.Chocolate flakes(100 g1,296 yen).


I crushed the roasted cacao beans that I just tasted.Cacao nibMeringue baked sweet using "" (XNUM X g X NUM X) and cacao nibCacao nib meringue"(XNUM X g X NUM X) also sold.


Regular tablet 3 sheets and chocolate flake 2 pieces includedGift BOX"(XNUM yen ~) also seems to be appreciated with gifts such as presents!

Open on 6 Mon XNUM X (Wednesday)


"Minim is a" minimal ", please try to taste the chocolate made with a minimum subtraction by all means using the material. All of the manager of the manager (left photograph) and" Chocolate is familiar but I do not know Mr. Yamashita (right in the photo) of the representative said that I would like to experience "Bean to Bar" and feel more chocolate while talking freely. A chocolate specialist is readyMinimal Ginza Bean to Bar Stand (Minimal Ginza Bean To Bar Stand)Is a new-style shop where you can sample the process of making fashionable chocolate tablets that face the ingredients.

Such "Minimal Ginza Bean to Bar Stand (Minimal Ginza Bean To Bar Stand)"Opens on Wednesday, 2016 month 6 month 1. For 6 days until 5 month 5 (Sunday), you will receive a special “Choco Mizuyokan” gift for the first 50 customers to purchase chocolate bar products!

Minimal Ginza Bean to Bar Stand Store Information

Address: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo XNUM-3-XNUM X X X
Regular holiday: Monday (the next weekday for public holidays)
Official site:

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