[Ise Jingu Oharai-cho] You can have a serving tray with bancha in the Akafuku Honten's parlor

I went to Ise Shima's trip, it is a Tokyo stroller!
We have received Akafuku at the long-established “Akafuku Honten” that represents Ise in Oharai-cho, located in front of Ise Jingu.

Akafuku main store of founding XNUM X

Akafuku Honten

I came to Akafuku Honten. Akafuku is a very long-established store that continues for more than 4 years from Takanaga 1707 years (300 years). Boasting popularity as an Ise specialty, Akafuku-an is famous for being a very long seller.

Akafuku Honten

Many swallows were seen here in Oharai town as well as the Akafuku Main Store. There is also a place where there is a nest of swallows in the shop, and it coexists with the people of Oharai Town.

Akafuku Honten

Many such signs were also seen. I want to take a lot of photos, but I have to keep them from getting in the way of child care.

Akafuku Honten

In the storefront, a large glazed furnace will catch your eye. In this pot, we use the running water of the Isuzu River to boil the Bancha hot water that will come out later.

To the parlor behind the main store

Akafuku Honten

Passing by the side of the pass there was a seat on the back side where you can see the parlor and the Isuzu River. Take a break here.

Akafuku Honten

I got a little cold this morning so I will warm up with a brazier. Warm (^ ^)

Served tray 3 pieces (with bancha) XNUM X yen

Akafuku Honten

You can get a set of freshly made Akafuku and Ise tea from Mie Prefecture here. This is 3 pieces 290 yen. My wife and I were both, but I was happy to be able to order just 3 pieces and put two banchas (^ ^) Thank you very much.

Aka Fortune!

Akafuku Honten

A red fortune with XNUM X on a small plate! It is a form that images the sermon of the Isuzu River.


Soft Koshian's Akafukushi. Inside is a small bowl made of domestic glutinous rice.

Sweet and sweet.

Akafuku Honten

Since this day was around X AM in the morning on weekdays, there were not many people yet, but it seems that many people visit around noon even on weekdays. If you come to the store early, you will be able to relax.

Akafuku Honten

Some people from the outskirts were enjoying the Akafuku Pass while looking at the Isuzu River in front of the eyes.

Akafuku Honten

Akafuku side seat seen from above the bridge.

Sold out inevitable

Akafuku Honten

At the main store and Nagoya and Osaka directly-managed stores, Tatatsumochi with a dressing box will be sold in limited quantities every month on the 1 day other than the main day. The next 5 month 1 day (day) will be wrinkled. As it is during Golden Week, this is definitely sold out.

Akafuku Honten

At Akafuku Honten, which has been offering travelers traveling to Ise for over 300 years, Akafuku Sushi is a relaxing place to relax in your room. You can have a tray at your own store, but please try it at this Akafuku Main Store before visiting Uchinomiya!

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Akafuku Honten Store Information

Address: Address 26, Uji Nakakori-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Telephone number: 0596-22-7000
Business hours: Morning 5-Afternoon 5 (with busy season time change)
Closed: No holiday
Official HP:http://www.akafuku.co.jp/

Ise Shima's Journey XNUM X

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