Super thick meat in the sushi bar "Osakaya" in Toba City, Mie Prefecture! Open grilled shrimp fry → snappy

I'm coming to Ise Shima's trip, it's a Tokyo walk!
We have eaten shrimp shrimp of unusual size at sushi bar "Osaka ya" where the seafood from Toba Bay can be enjoyed!

Open shrimp fry in Osaka store


We came to sushi bar "Osakaya" which is a few minutes walk from Kintetsu Line Toba Station.

I'm hungry and let's get in!

The shop has a counter, a table and a seating area, and it feels like a sushi restaurant.

Recommended menu of "Osaka shop"

Recommended menu of Osaka shop is here!

You will be anxious about shrimp fried like a horse mackerel ~! I can't go home without eating!

Shrimp fry set meal 2 (1,700 yen)


Shrimp fry set meal XNUM X animals (XNUM X yen) ordered by that! Red miso soup with vinegar is also included! By the way, if it is 2 animal, 1,700 yen!

It looks like a horse mackerel but the tail is unmistakable! !

Sea set meal (2,500 yen)


I ordered a sea set meal. Shrimp fry comes with XNUM X also here!

Sea set meals come with sashimi, sushi, simmered dishes, red miso soup and so on!

Open shrimp fry is super thick!


I love fried prawns and eat well, but I have never eaten open prawns!

I will put a lot of worcester sauce, you will receive (^ ^)


My clothes are cool! ! Nuo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!

I have eaten "Sorry Shrimp Fry" several times so far,I have never eaten such a thick shrimp! In addition, it is not a big taste, but the crispness of prawns is firmly activated ('▽ `).

I understand the reason for opening it. If you don't open it, the fire won't go through to the middle!

Extravagant open shrimp fries. If you come to Toba, it will be delicious!

Osakaya Toba store

Address〒517-0011 Toba City, Mie Prefecture Toba 1-4-64
ACCESSJR Sannomiya Line Toba Station JR Exit Walk XNUM minutes
Nearest stationJR Sangu Line Toba Station
Business hours Dinner: 17: 00-20: 00 (LO20: 00, drink LO20: 00) (It may end as soon as it is out of stock. ), Lunch: 21: 11 to 00: 14 (LO00: 14, drink LO00: 14)
Regular holidayEvery Thursday ※ ※ If there is a holiday on Thursday is a business, in addition, please check because there are consecutive holidays.
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