【Shipped within 48 hours after roasting】 Blue bottle coffee starts online store

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Following the Kiyosumi Shirakawa and Aoyama, a domestic 3 store was opened the other day at Shinjuku Miyana Tower "Newman".Blue bottle coffee online storeStarted.

Nationwide shipping of coffee beans within roasted 48 hours

Speaking of blue bottle coffee is also known to provide coffee beans within 48 hours. It seems that online stores will follow it and ship coffee beans within roasted 48 hours!

Original blend coffee

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Single origin coffee

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The recommendation of Tokyo Walkpo is a single origin coffee that offers beans in one production area without blending. The price is extended, but so-called straight coffee is favored by its rich aroma and fruity taste.

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We also sold the original cup "KIYOSUMI MUG" and ceramic dripper of the blue bottle which could not be purchased until we went to the store. Ceramic drippers are popular and already sold out ....

Kiyosumi Shirakawa of the domestic XNUM X branch of blue bottle coffee is a roasting place, so will you send out the roasted coffee beans here? Currently, there are only stores in XNUM locations in Tokyo, and there is no way but to go to the stores.

When I went to a blue bottle coffee shop, it was a very fresh experience to drip and make coffee. Blue bottle coffee popular in Japan as a leader of third wave coffee. Would you like to taste this opportunity by all means?

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