Pedometer "TWTC501" which can easily confirm the electronic money balance from citizen is released

Pedometer that can display the remaining amount of electronic money on IC cards such as Citizen, Edy, WAON, Suica, etc.

"TWTC501" will be released in late July.

Recently there have been many opportunities to use electronic money.

I also pay with electronic money almost every day, such as commuting and shopping at Mobile Suica.

The reason I learned that I used it often was that I was less concerned about the remaining amount.

So, sometimes I'm stuck on the lack of balance ^ ^;

The balance will be understood by operation if it is Mobile Suica, but at the time of payment with ordinary IC card

As we can not confirm except when we charge, this "pedometer with electronic money viewer"

It may be quite convenient.

Weight is only 27g including battery!

It's easy to use, put your pedometer on the IC card and just press the reading switch.

You can measure the number of steps with the 3D accelerometer.

The memory can display 14 days, and it also has an 24 clock function.

Truly citizen ^ ^ And the weight is as light as 27g including the battery!

The readable IC cards are Edy, nanaco, WAON, PASMO.

We also support IC ticket Suica, Kitaca, TOICA, ICOCA, SUGOCA, PiTaPa.

However, please note that it is not compatible with Osaifu-Keitai.

Oh yeah, so ....

Recently, elementary school students also have an IC card.

It also helps to manage your pocket money.

(Rakuten Bic (Bic Camera × Rakuten)

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