A tea ceremony with Miko in Kyoto Gion !? A priceless experience while watching the night cherry blossoms lit up at the Tokyo National Museum

From Hana, it's a dumpling, Tokyo stroller!

This time, MasterCard was invited and held at Ueno Tokyo National MuseumMasterCard "Priceless Japan" Paid Special EventSince I participated in, I will tell about the pattern!

Priceless night party at Tokyo National Museum



I came to the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Onshi Park.

At Tokyo National Museum, which is usually closed at afternoon 5MasterCard "Priceless Japan" sponsored special paid event "Ochakai, Hanami, Art, a special evening at the Tokyo National Museum in the spring of Japan"Was held on the XNUM X XMon X Day (Mon). Since I was invited specially this time, I would like to report the pattern. This time from the west gate of the National Tokyo Museum for an opening time outside, to a priceless night party!

Tea experience in the rental tea room "Oenokekan"


First of all, go to the "Oenokekan" rental tea room behind the Tokyo National Museum.

The Senshukan was built as a school of the school in the suburbs of Nagoya City, Akebono, in Kanpo 2 (1742), and was later relocated to Takashi Masuda (Sluggish) residence in Tokyo Shinagawa. It is a wooden building donated to the museum.

Cherry blossoms in front of the tea room!


You will enter the tea room while the fluttering and cherry petals dance.


Get "Ocha ticket" at the entrance


During the XNUM X tatami mats, two XNUM X people were in a spacious room to accommodate in the room. (Maximum capacity is 18 ~ 30 names)

Tea ceremony by Zen Gardening Maiko


Soon after arriving at the parlor, Maiko and Geiko, who wore a beautiful kimono, appeared with Japanese sweets.


I had a tea ceremony from Mr. Maiko in Kyoto Gion. This is tense!


The offerings were Japanese-style confectionery “Hanagi” and Matcha in Fukujuen. Sweetness of Japanese sweets and bitterness of green tea.

The tea pot is good too ~ it was a good point (^ ^)

The dance of "Gion Kogaya" by Gion Kobe Gibuki

IMG_7865 At the end of the show, Mr. Gei-mai, who had given me a tea ceremony earlier, showed the dance of "Gion Komari".

I enjoyed the elegant dance of Mr. Gei-mai from Kyoto Gion.

Click to enlarge photos!

The appearance of the dance dance performed in the tea room in Kyoto Gion, which is said to be a so-called “No Ichigen Do Not Disappear,” has been so beautiful and so often overlooked.

Commemorative photo session with Mr. Gei


After the dance is over, a commemorative photo session with Mr. Gei Mai. This is a priceless experience!

When I left the hall, it was completely dark outside. Next, let's go to the garden while looking at the cherry blossoms that have turned into fantastic colors by light-up.

Garden light up night cherry blossom viewing


When you come to the garden on the north side of the Tokyo National Museum, the garden around the pond and the night cherry blossoms are brightly lit with light up!

Last year we here too "Spring garden opening"I came in, but it is the first time to come to the night!

この庭園は普段非公開ですが今年も「春の庭園開放」が3月15日(火)~4月17日(日) まで実施中です。(入場時間10:00~16:00)しかも3月25日(金)、4月1日(金)、4月8日(金)は19:30まで入場できるのでこのライトアップをご覧いただけますよ!


In front of the garden there were Mr. Geiko and Mr. Maiko. Currently in KyotoReturn to the cityIt is said that he went to Tokyo for this event while the

What is a beautiful art dance and night cherry blossom viewing!

Violin performance by Atsuko Takao


A woman who is dressed in a scarlet costume from the back tea room has been watching the fantastic light up for a while.

Stradivarius performance by professional violinist Yuko Takao starts!The sound of the night cherry blossoms and Stradivarius, which floats up in the pond, for a while has forgotten the reality. About Takao Atsuko will appear later!


Say goodbye to the cherry blossoms at night and walk around the site of the Tokyo National Museum.

This is a special exhibition until 5 Mon 15Birth 150 year Kuroda Kiyo-great master of modern Japanese paintingThe "Heisei building" is held.


The Tokyo National Museum Main Building is also a magnificent light up. It is also designated as an important cultural property.


On the left-hand side of the main building is "Keikei," which is holding a special exhibition "Golden Afghanistan-The Treasures of the Protected Silk Road-" from 2016 month 4 day (Tuesday) to 12 year 2016 month 6 day (Sunday) Hall ".

The lion in the front door is older than the lion in Ginza Mitsukoshi about 5 years, and it is said that it represents "breath of Amida" in the form of a mouth.

Horyuji Treasure Museum Private Special Appreciation Event


The next event is a special appreciation event for the Horyuji Treasure Museum, located on the west side of the Tokyo National Museum site.





The Horyuji Temple Treasure Museum exhibits the Asuka gold bronze statues from the 1,500 century to the 6 century approximately XNUM years ago.

Most of the statues of Kannon made up of 60 objects are important cultural properties. You can get in touch with old Japanese art.

Museum dinner


After touching the old Japanese culture at the Horyuji Treasure Museum, it became a museum banquet in the lobby.

IMG_8190 copy

IMG_8191 copy

We had a dinner party with Mr. Geiko, who showed her dance at a tea ceremony earlier while enjoying a buffet breakfast. There are not many opportunities to speak directly.



Yuko Takao's violin performance ^ ^ # PricelessJapan

Videos posted by Tokyo ぽ (@tokyosanpopo) –

And Yuko Takao, who played the violin in the garden light-up just a few days ago, went to the dinner party and presented it again. I was so far away that I didn't understand my face well, but this time I was able to enjoy the sound of raw Stradivarius very close!

  • Examination DVD & CD of healing given from Kyoto-Takao Kyoko official site



After the dinner party, I came out of “Kuromon”, which is designated as an important cultural property of the unopened Tottori Tsuji Ikeda Edo-Yashiki on the left side of the main gate of the Tokyo National Museum. The night cherry blossoms here are also beautiful (^ ^)

How about a nightly priceless night party at the Tokyo National Museum? I didn't think that I could see the tea ceremony or the night cherry blossoms with Mr. Gei-mai in Kyoto Gion. MasterCard's "Priceless Japan" has events such as places that are rarely included and events that can not be done normally. Any MasterCard card member can apply, so please check it out if you have the opportunity!

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