[Cheap deals] There was a superb hot spring in Ito where you can eat breakfast while watching the sunrise

Hot spring discovery that is open before the sun rises

In the last few years, opportunities to get into the public baths and hot springs have increased. Miya (@ PEN_PEN_)is.

I wanted to go out a little late at night, and I drove towards Izu without making any plans. Well, I went to the Shonan Cookie, which would stop by if I passed nearby on the way.

As we went to a walkpo before with regard to Shonan CookiethereAs soon as you have a look at it, it's too early and you're about to take a break on the way. So, if you wonder if you have a bath shop doing in the morning, please find the right conditions.

The name is also seaside beach in Ito Marine Town, which is a roadside station. It is a hot spring located by the sea as the name suggests.

Normal sales are from 10: 00 to 22: 00, but it seems that you can enter hot springs at a special price called "Asayu" from before 5: 00 to 10: 00.

I think this is the only way to go to Ito!

Morning 5: I arrived at Ito Marine Town, which is a roadside station past 00, but it is still dark. How dark it is ...
It's dark enough to be like this if you take a hot spring entrance on your iPhone.

There is also a set of morning breakfast about half the regular time and breakfast and further deals!

I'm going into it soon. Anyway, it's cold.
The signboard which has opened the professional automatic door of the semicircular glass and jumped into the eyes. The moment I saw the word "dried food", Gohan was fixed today.

Because there are many things that the taste of a tourist spot and the like is subtle and the charge is added, I think that this charge called 514 is conscientious.

So, I entered the hot spring, so I will accept it and it will be cleaned quickly.
It was smooth through as it was selling affordable Yura character water only at the reception desk.

Seagulls look like another loose character as far as I look here.


Well, it's a fee, but usually it's 1000 yen,
Asoyu is for adults 540 (children 270). About half price!
Shika also! !
It can be set with the morning set meal seen at the entrance and it will be XNUM X yen (tax included)!

It is 1000 yen to put bath and morning gohan together! ? Calculation that comes with morning gohan by the entrance fee of normal time. I asked for a set meal in the morning without hesitation. Rather I can not find a reason not to ask.

You can watch the sun rise while taking a bath (Haz)

I was in charge of the hot spring while looking forward to Gohan, but I felt that the hot spring itself was neither good nor bad. The area is so wide that it has an open-air bath. Though it is such time, there are some people, but it is relaxed and put in a hot spring at room. I was worried that the water pressure in the shower was a little weak because the hot spring was colorless and the tension did not rise.

But here is the sea. As for the open-air bath, the scenery is excellent because the sea is in front of you.

When I entered an open-air bath, it was just before the sun rose, so I could see the sun rising from the sea! !

I would like to say ... I wanted to take a break this time, so I took a bath before the sun rose f ^ _ ^;

A miracle happened when I got out of the bath

So I went out of the bath looking at the sea from the morning, but if I was going to eat a gohan after a short break I was surprised to see outside through the dining space!
IMG_3746I took a quick shot.

The dining space here also has a window facing the sea.

I'm dazzling, but I'm taking exposures too much, though. It was gods. And it was dazzling.
When I left the bath, the sun had not risen yet, but with the time, the sun had risen to feel just right.

I change the schedule by saying and go out on a terrace-like toko photo session.
IMG_3747I do not know if it is a rocky island but the sun is right above.
IMG_3748There are a lot of birds. It was around the same time.
IMG_3749It's like an Italian port town. I have never been there.

And, I was able to see such a wonderful sunrise.

And anyway I want to eat Gohan in the morning while bathing in the sun! I just thought that I had a set meal in the morning. I returned to the room because it was cold.
IMG_3750Yes, the dried fish set meal arrived. I got tension and got a lot of gohan.

With the main dried fish of grilled salmon, the miso soup of hot spring, hot spring egg, radish, seasoned nori seaweed, natto, green onion for seasoning, just the morning gohan! I feel like that.

I thought the salmon was a little small, but when I ate it was surprisingly soft and salty, so Gohan is Sussum-kun. Thank you for the meal.
After Gohan I took a break in the rest room and went out to Izu.

By the way, there are some rest rooms, but the one I took a break this time was a nao or Asian room called Pao. A large towel basket was also prepared and I rested relaxedly.

I'm too relaxed to take a photo, so I'm sorry at the link.

Thanks to you, I left here just before the end of the morning shower just before 10: 00. I really went to bed f ^ _ ^;

If you want to refresh from the morning and get off to the start, I would like Zehi

I think Izu area is a place where it will be spent quite a lot of travel time. So just like this time, I'll leave in the middle of the night, go to a hot spring, watch the sunrise, eat some gohan, and take some rest before starting activities.

The hot spring you enter while looking at the sea from morning can enjoy a feeling of luxury!

Rurubu Izu 'XNUM X small size (Rurubu information version regional small size)

Rurubu Izu 'XNUM X small size (Rurubu information version regional small size)

1,045 yen(01 / 23 06: as of 46)
Release date: 2019 / 01 / 10
We publish information of Amazon

Ito Marine Town Seaside Spa

〒414-0002 Yugawa Ito City 517-19, Shizuoka Prefecture

Opening hours: One-day natural hot spring
Seaside spa
[Asayu business] 5: 00 to 10: 00 (last reception 9: 30)
[Breakfast] 6: 00 to 10: 00 (Last order 9: 00)
[Regular sales] 10: 00 to 22: 00 (final reception 21: 00)

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