"Experience Kingdom Murasaki Mura" has been spinning around or Sesar coloring!

Okinawa, a little 1 by car from Naha Airport.
It is said that you can experience 101 impressions at 32 workshops
I went to "Experiential Kingdom Murasakimura"!
Experience Kingdom Murasaki Mura

This was used as an open set for the 1993 NHK Taiga drama "Ryukyu no Kaze".
Renewed as "Experiential Kingdom Murasaki Mura" from 1999
You can experience Okinawan culture, entertainment and arts ^ ^

Experience Kingdom Murasaki Shisa
There is a great Sicser sitting at the entrance ^ ^
Well, what is it like inside?
Ryukyu Kingdom Open Set

The vast Ryukyu Kingdom Open Set is a masterpiece! Cobblestones and stone walls invite you to a unique atmosphere.

Experience Kingdom Murasaki Shisa

Siesar everywhere! I look different one by one and I'm full of personality ^ ^

Experience Kingdom Murasaki Mura

Well, what an experience to do ^ ^

Experience Kingdom Murasaki Murano cat

I found Nyanko lying on a cobblestone bed ^^ I feel so good.

First of all, I had a chance to experience pottery and pottery “Tokubo Tekoku Teku Teku”, who has bothered me ^ ^

Experience Kingdom Murasakimura tea bowl making

I have had a couple experience in kuro. The workshop will teach you kindly ^ ^ First of all, the bride tries to make a bowl!

Experience Kingdom Murasaki Muramura

Dozens of minutes to fight with a pottery. Somehow the bowl is completed ^ ^

Experience Kingdom Murasakimura tea bowl making

Then I made a bowl too. Rokuro is his first experience! The soil is solid at first ~ I will start to put water firmly in my hand.

Rokuro and wrestling

It's getting softer gradually, and from here it's a little difficult ^^;

Couple tea bowl

Somehow, the couple's tea bowl is completed ^ ^ Rokuro experience is XNUM name 1 yen. The tea bowl I made is from drying to roasting and will be mailed about 2,500 months to 1 months and a half months later ~ Fun ^ ^

Yachimun, pottery experience-experience Kingdom Murasaki Mura

Well, one more place after finishing the experience. I visited "Handmade Studio Hidebo".

Experience Kingdom Murasaki Mura coloring experience

Here you can experience the coloring with already baked Siesar ^ ^

Coloring in the experience kingdom Murasaki Mura tea bowl making couple

I chose this Siesar this time. On the left side, the mouth is open male and the right mouth is closed female. I will continue to colorize the males and the females!

Experience Kingdom Murasakimura Acrylic with acrylic paint

We make use of acrylic paint and paint 1 color from body and dry with dryer. It was an interval of 1 hour if this was addicted addicted to work ^^

Simple yellow shisa

Simple yellow shisa completed ~ ^ ^ Hidebo's HPI also put it on. I was able to cute Sisa ^ ^

Okinawa Sisa | Handcrafted Studio Hidebo

This "Murasakimura" that you can experience beyond the limit on XNUM day. Soon after, there is also a directly owned "HOTEL Murasaki Mura", which will be a stay type experience facility. No, but Rokuro seems to be addicted ^ ^

Okinawa's first experience number! Okinawa's first experience type accommodation hotel OPEN! Jinbe shark diving, various experiences OK! Experience Kingdom Murasaki Mura
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