[First time electricity liberalization] We compared electricity rate plans of each company at "price. Com"

Hello, this is Tokyo walk baggage.
Before the power liberalization that began in 4 month, the rate plans of each company were almost ready.
This time, I checked how much the electricity cost would be saved by "price. Com" of comparison site!

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Total liberalization of electricity retail

2016 Year 4 The full liberalization of electricity retailing starting from the month of May. Mobile operators, gas companies, convenience stores and travel agents have entered various companies, and now you can see them in commercials.

Power liberalization has made it possible to freely choose your favorite power company, but it is also true that it is difficult to know where the various company's various rate plans are and where 1 is the cheapest.

In this case, I compared where on the comparison site "price. Com" was cheap.

Price.com Power Comparison


↑ At the leading "price. Com" of the comparison site that has been seen by anyone at home appliance and portable price comparison etc., the comparison of the electricity price has also started. Click "Electric Charge" from the top page of Price.com.

Electricity rate comparison

↑ Select the prefecture where you live. There are areas where you can get up to 5,000 bonus when you sign up from price com. (※ The current target is Tohoku, Kanto, Kansai, China, Kyushu area only)

Let's prepare a meter reading sheet of electricity rate


↑ Prepare a meter reading sheet for your home. What I mainly see is the amount of use, contract type, and contract ampere.

Screenshot_2016-02-14_11_05_33 Screenshot 2016-02-14 11.05.44

↑ After selecting your area of ​​residence, input your home zip code and the "electricity company", "contract type", "contract ampere", and "monthly usage of electricity" while viewing the meter reading slip.

My home is "TEPCOAnd the contract type isWeight light B", The contract amperage"40A"The electricity charge for 1 month"453kwh"was.
When you enter the monthly usage, the estimated annual usage is automatically dumped.

Select the number of households and weekdays, and the percentage at home on holidays, and click Search at the end.

Then you can see the electricity rates when using 1 year, 3 year, 5 year by lowest order!

This time, I searched in case of contract for 1 year. (* Comparison with XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Date)

The lowest 1 in our environment is JX energy

ENEOS Denki A Plan (10A to 60A)

JX Energy ENEOS Denki A Plan

In our usage environment "JX Energy ENEOS Denki A Plan"It seems that 13,555 yen can save electricity costs in what year.
JX Energy, which has its own power plant, is developed only in the Kanto region, but if you contract for a long period, the charge will be discounted to “Nentoku XNUM Discount” (cancellation fee is 2 JPY incl.ENEOS card Also, if you pay with a tie card, you will get an additional bonus of T points of 200 points per 1 yen.
In addition, if you sign up by 3 / Month 31, a campaign to discount 2000 yen is in progress. (※ It is the amount of savings including campaign)

The 2 is the Tokyo Standard Plan for Mitsuhiroko Green Energy

Tokyo Standard Plan for Mitsuuroko Green Energy

The 2 rank is the Tokyo Standard Plan for Mitsuhiroko Green Energy, which supplies green energy from wind power plants and solar power plants, saving 12,895 yen annually.

The 3 is the plan for E-Rex Spark Marketing

Electricity rate 2 year comparison

As for 3, "E-Rec Spark Marketing's Fixed-rate Lighting B (Kanto Area XNUM XA)" saves 50 yen annually.

E-Rex is also a company that also owns a biomass power plant. Cashback for JCB gift certificate 3,000 is included when you apply from price com, which is the amount saved here.

Closely with the contract of 2, "Mitsuuroko Green Energy" ranks 1

Electricity rate 2 year comparison Elek Spark Marketing's Metered Lighting B

Closely with the 2 contract, Mitsuhiroko Green Energy's plan was 1.

However, power liberalization has just begun, and there may be another plan next year, so the situation may be completely different after 1.

Use environment varies by people, let's compare once

Each company has various electricity rate plans. Depending on the region, usage rates, contract types, and contract amperage, rates to be compared also change. "Power liberalization" starting from 4 month. The quality of electricity does not change at all, and since 1 10,000 yen can save electricity rates more than ever before, please compare once by all means!

I actually used "ENEOS Denki" for 6 months!

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