MISFIT SHINE2 (misfit Shine 2) review → The most easy-to-continue wearable activity meter!

This time, we will receive the sampling from MISFIT company and send the impression that we used for a while.

New product "MISFIT SHINE6" which does not require 2 monthly charge


Last year, we announced the announcement of MISFIT's new product "MISFIT SHINE11" at the open press conference vol. In that case, I had provided the previous model "MISFIT SHINE" and used it for a long time, but it was very easy to use and I was looking forward to the new model "MISFIT SHINE7".

[In the wearable connected with the world] MISFIT SHINE2 new product announcement # precan

Immediately, opened!


If you take out the MISFIT SHINEX NUMX, this content comes with a wrist band and a clip for the pocket attached to the arm, and a band support attached separately with the quick start guide.

Comparison with MISFIT SHINE

It is a comparison of the size of MISFIT SHINE and SHINE2 which you provided last time. (Photo left: SHINE2, right: SHINE)

Furthermore, the previous term was all white LEDsIn SHINE2, even with only full color 1,600 colors and colors, the variation is considerably increased.You will enjoy the look.

Moreover, MISFIT SHINE2 has a vibration function. You can use it as incoming call or alarm alarm!

And the biggest feature of MISFIT SHINE is that it works with a button battery, so it will be OK even if it is left uncharged for up to 6 months.Even though the full color LED also has a vibration function, it is wonderful that the battery pack is the same as the previous year.

Syncing is easy, start right away

Since "MISFIT SHINE" was used so far, is it bothersome to switch to "MISFIT SHINE2"? I thought I was able to synchronize from MISFIT's app immediately and switching was completed in a matter of seconds. This is convenient (^ ^)

Easy to understand full color LED

Immediately, put on the wristband and start measuring.

Green LEDLights to indicate the short hand, in the XNUM X hour directionBlue LEDFlashes to indicate the long hand. After that, the amount of activity todayRed LEDIt lights up at. Since the first half was all white, the difference in color made the information very easy to understand.

If you put the support band on the back, you can not miss the MISFIT SHINE even if you have a lot of exercise such as running. When I put it on my arm, the previous year's species was a little smaller for me, but the size of this MISFIT SHINE2 is a feeling of size that fits nicely to the arm.

Check activity and sleep times with the MISFIT app

Since MISFIT SHINE itself does not know the amount of activity in detail, it can be synchronized with the app to check the details. In the previous year, it took about 20 seconds to synchronize, but it is very good for MISFIT SHINE2 to synchronize within the shortest 10 seconds!

Along with the amount of activity, travel distance, calories burned (kcal), and the number of steps are displayed. The sleep meter senses "shallow sleep" and "deep sleep" with the movement of the arm. It will show you the quality of your sleep. If you look at the sleep meter on the day, you can understand your own sleep condition, so if you look at your sleep meter, you may be able to take measures such as going to bed early if it is a bit over.

Since the amount of activity and sleeping time are displayed in a graph on a weekly basis, it is quite convenient for daily physical condition management.

Get loosely connected with MISFIT friends in the app


If you connect with a friend who has MISFIT SHINE on the app, you can see the ranking of activity volume. If there is only one wearable device, you will get bored and there are many cases where it does not last, but it is possible to continue for a long time by connecting loosely on the app in this way!

Self notification shutter of the notification function of the telephone and the MISFIT LINK

MISFIT SHINEX NUMX has a notification on the phone and a notification that tells you an alarm with vibration.MISFIT LINKThe app can be used as a self-portrait camera shutter, music remote control and presentation clicker.

If you use MISFIT SHINE2 as a shutter, you will be able to take various selfies (^ ^)

At the time of the last presentation"The concept of MISFIT's, who said that it would be a wearable that would connect with the world and control the world, would become "the interface between people and things," has become very well understood.In addition to measuring, it is a wearable that can be controlled, that's MISFIT SHINE2.

The place where I became a little worried

There were also some points that were bothered just after the release.

  • The vibration of the vibration is so small that you may not notice it

It is a vibration function that is one of the features of this time, but because the vibration is quite small, you may not notice that you do not fit the arm properly. I have a relatively thin arm, so when I wrap it with a wristband, I get a little gap, and even if I do not notice the vibes, it's a bit boring. I thought it would be nice if the vibrator was a little stronger. However, it is astonishing that it is vibes entering other than the button battery in this small body. I think it is a great challenge.

  • Measurement will stop once removed from the arm

I take off at the time of the bath (it is waterproof as it is even in the bath as it is waterproof), but I go to bed without putting on after that, when I look around after walking as it is wrapped around my arms the next morning There was a case that was not measured. There was no such thing in the previous year's species, but it seems that measurement will stop if it is removed from the arm for a long time. It may probably stop with energy saving. In that case, if you synchronize with the app before leaving, measurement will resume immediately.

Summary MISFIT SHINE2 is the easiest wearable activity meter to continue!


I have had several wearable devices until now, but I think this "MISFIT SHINE2" is not the easiest wearable activity meter in wearable devices history to continue.

The biggest factor is that it will run without charging for 6 months. If you look at the long-term, it will still be a bother and it will often be a barrier to continuity. And the weight is so light that I do not feel that it is attached. I thought that the place that can measure the amount of activity and sleep time firmly though it is easy is wonderful.

MISFIT SHINE2 measures the amount of one's activity anytime and anywhere. This activity meter is also recommended for people using wearables for the first time!

MISFIT SHINE2 is here!

Misfit Wearables Shine XNUM Fitness Tracker & Sleep Monitor Rose Gold

Misfit Wearables Shine XNUM Fitness Tracker & Sleep Monitor Rose Gold

10,595 yen(10 / 05 09: as of 42)
We publish information of Amazon

New model MISFIT is here!

Misfit Ray Fitness Sleep Tracker (Black + Pink)

Misfit Ray Fitness Sleep Tracker (Black + Pink)

11,000 yen(10 / 05 12: as of 50)
We publish information of Amazon

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