[Away from Shibuya] We have held a New Year's party for “Edge Rank” at “Kano Shibuya Store,” a tofu restaurant specializing in soothing sake!

I like tofu, it's a Tokyo walk!
We have held the New Year party of the joint mail magazine "Edge Rank" where I participate in the tofu cooking specialty store "Kano Shibuya store"!

"Uno Shibuya store" for XNUM minutes on foot from JR Shibuya Station West Exit

Empty field Shibuya shop

This time I visited the "Kano Shibuya Store" located about 7 minutes walk from the JR Shibuya Station West Exit.

It is a tofu specialty store located along the Saikyo Line home from Shibuya Station to Ebisu Station. The appearance of the shop is a Japanese-style stylish restaurant like a restaurant! Let's get in!

Empty field Shibuya shop

Empty field Shibuya shop

There is also a relaxing Japanese space where you can feel the warmth of trees in the store.

At the bottom of the stairs that go up to the 2 floor, there is a pond, so you can feel calm and calm (^ ^)


This shop, which also has a table seat and a private room seat, was taken to the digging seat this time. The comfort of a slightly higher cushion was good!

Banquet course XNUM item and all-you-can-drink menu

IMG_2611 IMG_2612

As for the New Year party, I asked for a course with standard course 9 and 90 all-you-can-drink with a banquet menu!

All-you-can-drink includes draft beer, plum wine, highball, shochu (soybean and barley), various types of sour juice, cocktails (cassis gin and vodka) and soft drinks!


At first we toast with beer immediately!

Then we introduce tofu cooking course XNUM X products!

Dumplings of tofu

Dumplings of tofu (^. ^)

Photos submitted by 散 歩 (@tokyosanpopo)-

Japanese sea bream and sea bream kelp

Active flat and green seaweed kelp (^. ^)

Photos submitted by 散 歩 (@tokyosanpopo)-

Fresh cub flavor is one point!

Hot-fried Hatcho miso rice bowl

Hot-fried Hatcho miso rice (^. ^)

Photos submitted by 散 歩 (@tokyosanpopo)-

Fried shrimp with shrimp

Fried shrimp with shrimp (Jyo)

Photos submitted by 散 歩 (@tokyosanpopo)-

Shrimp's fragrant smell goes on as it goes (^ ^)
ス タ ッ フ Staff brought big seilo ~

Is this one thing?

Famous hand-crafted handmade empty tofu

Handmade tofu ~! (^. ^)

Photos submitted by 散 歩 (@tokyosanpopo)-

Soft handmade tofu like pudding! You will be stocked with tuna soy sauce or salt (^ ^)

Fried pufferfish with winter vegetable salad

Fried pufferfish with winter vegetables salad (^. ^)

Photos submitted by 散 歩 (@tokyosanpopo)-

Yellowtail teriyaki

Yellowtail (^. ^)

Photos submitted by 散 歩 (@tokyosanpopo)-

This is the first season of teriyaki! Fat rides and is delicious ('▽ `)

Soymilk sweets

Soymilk sweets (^. ^)

Photos submitted by 散 歩 (@tokyosanpopo)-

Last was opened with sweets made with soy milk ~
It was delicious!

The food is completely prepared and the course with 2 all-you-can-drink is 1 tax-exclusive 4,500 yen is quite satisfying!

Normal menu looks delicious too



Normal menus that are not banquet menus are also attractive! Anxious tofu is also anxious! There are many types of sake too ~

Relaxed "away from Shibuya"


It is an impression that there are a lot of pubs that I was gay and say that Shibuya, but "Sorano Shibuya shop" may be said to walk 7 minutes from the station,It is a wonderful shop just like "outside Shibuya" where you can drink alcohol slowly!


Well, I graduated from Edge Rank at the end of last year at the New Year partyAkameAnd newly joinedHase-okaIt also serves as a welcome and farewell party forYosu of ShikokuIt was too quick to have a fun time to talk about the prospects of this year by connecting a videophone broadcast. Various events are about to rise this year!

That's why this year tooJoint mail magazine "Edge Rank"Thank you in advance!

Empty field Shibuya shop

Address150-0031 Cherry Garden 4F, Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
ACCESSWalk from JR Shibuya Station West Exit for 5
Nearest stationJR Shibuya Station
Business hours火~土 17:00~23:30(L.O.22:45) 日・祝日 17:00~23:00(L.O.22:15)
Regular holiday* Monday (open on holidays, closed on the following Tuesday)
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