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Hi, I'm in Tokyo!

The other day, SIM carrier and carrier (MVNO)Blogger presentation of "FREETEL"Participated in to monitor "SAMURAI 雅 (MIYABI)" now on sale!
This time, we will introduce FREETEL's cheap smartphone "SAMURAI" (MIYABI)!

Review article of the new model "SAMURAI REI (Rei)" is here!

"SAMURAI 雅 (MIYABI)" of 19,800 yen except tax


This time, what I borrowed from PlusOne Marketing Inc., which operates FREETEL, is the flagship modelSAMURAI ((MIYABI).

While smartphone equipped with 5.1 inch HD IPS display and quad core 5.0 GHz CPU on Android 1.3The terminal charge of 19,800 yen excluding tax is attractive to say anything!

There are a lot of terminals which put the taste of the sum on the front the model of FREETEL. The outer box of "SAMURAI Ya (MIYABI)" is also cool with the letters "Ya" drawn on it!


Immediately open!

"SAMURAI Masa (MIYABI)" wrapped in a white bag is visible.

Terminal and accessories are battery pack, charger, micro USB cable, instruction manual
Terminal and accessories are battery pack, charger, micro USB cable, instruction manual.

Caravari is champagne gold and black, white 3 color development. I borrowed champagne gold this time.



I also borrowed the FREETEL SIM card at the same time.

Since FREETEL is a telecommunications carrier (MVNO) using NTT docomo's line, the SIM card is a docomo display.

Size comparison with iPhone X NUM X s

Size comparison with iPhone X NUM Xs (X NUM X inch)

The size comparison with the iPhone X NUM Xs (X NUM X inch) which I have.

The display of "SAMURAI Ya (MIYABI)" is XNUM X inches.

"SAMURAI 雅 (MIYABI)" is a square type case. Hold your finger nicely.

It is slightly thicker than iPhone 6s.

FREETEL MIYABI red freetel logo

The red freetel logo is bright on the back white.

The “F” shape of the Hinomaru logo is inspired by Mt. Fuji.

FREETEL MIYABI lower surface is a microphone and a speaker

The underside is a microphone and a speaker.

FREETEL MIYABI volume button and power button

The right side has a volume button and a power button.

FREETEL MIYABI The left side is a button

There is no button on the left side.

FREETEL MIYABI top is earphone jack and Micro USB

The top is the earphone jack and Micro USB slot.

FREETEL MIYABI sensor with GPS (A-GPS compatible), accelerometer

Sensors are equipped with GPS (A-GPS compatible), accelerometer, proximity sensor, light sensor, and e-compass.

The sub camera is 500 10,000 pixels.

FREETEL MIYABI main camera (1,300 10,000 pixels) and flash light

The main camera (1,300 10,000 pixels) and the flash light are located at the top rear. I hope the champagne gold bezel!

Battery cover is a bit hard to open

FREETEL MIYABI Recent smartphones have become thinner and the lid of smartphones is also thin and difficult to remove

Recent smartphones have become thinner and the lids of smartphones are also thin and difficult to remove.

At the beginning, it's hard to remove MIYABI, so be careful. To remove it, put a nail on the bottom side and open the lid a little.

Slide the nail little by little FREETEL MIYABI and open with crackling FREETEL MIYABI

If it opens a little, slide a nail little by little and it is relatively easy to open it with crackling!

There are some nails on the inside of the FREETEL MIYABI lid, so an image to remove it FREETEL MIYABI
As there are some nails inside the lid, it opens with the image which removes it.


LTE compatible dual SIM

LTE compatible dual SIM

When the lid is opened, the MicroSD slot and SIM slot are 2 locations.

It is dual SIM for LTE!If you use cheap SIM properly, it will save you a lot of money. This time, insert the SIM card of FREETEL in this SIM1!

Attach the battery pack

Ready to install the battery pack!Power on (^-^) /

"MIYABI" starts with cool animation!


Normally, when using FREETEL SIM with a SIM-free terminal, an APN setting is required, but "SAMURAI 雅 (MIYABI)" has already been preset with an APN setting, so you could use it as it is even if you set something in particular !

Impressions I used on a monitor for about XNUM months


this time"SAMURAI 雅 (MIYABI)"I tried to use the monitor for XNUM X months, but I was able to see Google maps, web browsing, Twitter, Facebook etc. almost without stress on the quad core XNUM X GHz CPU.

It is the battery of 2,200 mAh that I became a little worried. I have the 1 days somehow, but those who use it for the hard had the impression that having the mobile battery was safe. Fast charging is likely to be a strong ally when traveling.

The camera has XNUM X 10,000 pixels with image stabilization

The camera is XNUM X 10,000 pixels with image stabilization.

The response is a bit late, but you can take pictures of the illuminations like this one!



I felt that the connection of radio waves was uneasy at cheap SIM, but the ease of connection of FREETEL is Pikaichi!

I moved a considerable distance every day, but I never felt that it was difficult to connect XNUM X degrees. After all I think that the sense of stability that radio waves have arrived anytime and anywhere is the recommended point of 1!

FREETEL's "SAMURAI 雅 (MIYABI)"Despite its good design and current smartphone standard performanceI think that selling it for X NUMX yen excluding tax is a tremendous price.

"SAMURAI 雅 (MIYABI)"Is a cheap smartphone that can be recommended for those who want to keep the monthly smartphone fee low, for smartphone beginners, and those who are considering XNUM X rice cakes!

Now, with SIM card purchase XNUM X GB data communication volumeUp to six months free, XNUM X GB data communication amount by SIM card and smartphone purchase1 annual freeThe “SIM free smartphone No. X NUMX commemorative maximum X NUM X annual zero yen campaign” is underway!

Click here for the detailed specs of "SAMURAI" (MIYABI)

カ ラ ーBlack / White / Champagne Gold
Height: 142mm Width: 72mm Thickness: 8.2mm
weightAbout XNUM X g
Display (size / resolution)5.0inch / 1280 × 720 (HD IPS)
CPUMT6735 Quad core XNUM X GHz
Internal RAM: 2GB
Internal ROM: XNUM X GB
External media standard: microSD
Maximum capacity of external media: XNUM X GB (SD / SDHC / SDXC)
Main: X NUM X 10,000 pixels
Sub: X NUM X ten thousand pixels
Capacity: 2,200 mAh
Removal: Yes
Call durationAbout 720 minutes ※ 1
Continuous standby timeAbout 130 time ※ 2

※ FOMA card can not be used

Number of slots: 2(Only one slot can be used domestically)
Type: micro / micro

SIM lock free

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freetel is not made in japan but made by japan. The body is made in China.

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Yutaka Hiji

There is no LED indicator for charging and charging termination. I thought that it was a defective product, and I was told that depending on the model, there was no indicator. I noticed that there was no hindrance to using it, but I did not fall into a trap.

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