[This year is up to three nieces! The city of Sakai begins at Shinjuku Hanazono Shrine

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By the way, it is 11 month that temperature has begun to fall towards the end of the year, but speaking of 11 month, the city of Sakai that has come to go on an annual basis. This time IPalaceIntroduce the city of Sakai that is being held at Hanazono Shrine in Shinjuku.

We are excited before we get to Hanazono Shrine


The City of Sakai is an annual event held on the day of the Samurai Day of XNUM X, with the zodiac applied daily. Every year, there are XNUM times (one row, two rows) or XNUM times (three rows), but this year, there are up to three rows in XNUM year.

There are many stalls selling rakes that are considered to be famous, and the market is full of people who come to buy them.

Rake seems to express the nails of the eyebrows, and it seems that it has meaning such as "鷲 鷲 幸 せ 幸 せ", but those who want to know the details of that に have decided to have a look at the pedia, this time I would like you to see the excitement of the site.

Hanazono Shrine is located just next to the intersection of Yasukuni-Dori and Meiji-Dori.

When you walk along Yasukuni-dori from Shinjuku Station and go to Hanazono-jinja, stalls are lined up and it's already a big hit.

Shinjuku Sanchome Station is the nearest station though. As you go along while watching this stall, tension will gradually rise.

It is interesting to see many stalls recently.

The main entrances of Shinjuku Hanazono Shrine are located on Yasukuni-dori and Meiji-dori.

We rush from entrance of Yasukuni Street side this time!

It is immediately, but I bought it every time here in the city of eel, and I bought grilled green onions.

I entered from Yasukuni Street and walked about 50 steps on the left side (the description is messy!).

There are many places that sell okonomiyaki, but this is rare.

In a nutshell, the onion is on the base of the okonomiyaki-like guy, and there's a junk feeling full of "pokkake" on it.

The bokkake is cooked and prepared.

You can put on your side with the oil you can eat for yourself!

The beer goes on because it's seasoned with sweetness!

It looks a bit confusing, but it's difficult to see in the picture f ^ _ ^;)

There is a lot of volume, so it is good to share it with more than one person.

To be honest, if I ate this, I would be full and not eat other things.

There are many other places where there are tables and chairs and you are a bar.

I'm not bothered to eat and drink.

There is a lot of rake in the flea market

Speaking of the flea market, it is a fortune rake.

Many shops here also sell rake at Hanazono Shrine.

If you buy a rake, the shopkeeper will take care of you.

I have also heard that a rake brought in while holding in both hands by a man in a crow's city bar is saying 100 10,000 yen or so (° _ °)

However, you can feel free to buy small ones from a few hundred yen.

Let's put a year-old rake here.

And from now on, let's gather luck with the new rake again in 1 years ^ _ ^

This year's show has up to three shrines, and the three whales will be on the weekend, so it may be more crowded than usual.

I recommend you to see this excitement by your own eyes.

Oh, personally, it is customary to see the show cabin every year, so anyone who has never seen it is Zehi!
(Photo and sentence) Miya (@ PEN_PEN_)

Daegu Festival Schedule

Ichigo XNUM X Moon X NUM X Day (Wednesday) Eve XNUM X Day (Thu) Main Festival
The Second Night 11 Moon XNUM X Day (Mon) Eve XNUM X Day (Tue) Main Festival
The Three Forts 11 Mon XNUM X (Saturday) Eve XNUM X (Sun) Main Festival

Tokyo Shinjuku Zenza Hanazono Shrine Official Website


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