If you drink in Higashi-Nakano, I think you should use "Awa and Tsuji".

Hello, this is Tokyo walk baggage.
This time we came to Higashinakano. We ate "handa somen" of Tokushima specialty by "Awa and 壱" of 18 time opening!

Tavern "Awa and 居酒屋" of XNUM X hours operation


From the JR Sobu Line Higashinakano Station West Exit, walk XNUM minutes. When you enter the alleys next to the station, you will see "Awa or 壱".


↑ This is a pub where you can get some sake and sake from Tokushima prefecture. How is 18 hours business.

Somen's pubs are unusual. Let's get in!



↑ Inside the shop is a counter at 10 seats. There was also wireless Wi-Fi-. The women were working alone on this day. You can have some sake from Tokushima along with alcohol.

Today's SOMEN of this day is "whole one ethnic curry warm". This also looks delicious.

Drink menu of "Awa and 壱"


↑ The drink menu looks like this. There are shochu shochu “Risomus” in Tokushima and “Ichidon” in Kagoshima.

Somen menu of "Awa and 壱"


↑ こ ち ら here is some menu (^ ^)

This day I went with XNUM people, but I didn't drink alcohol and everyone got some noodles.

One whole ethnic curry warmth 900 yen


こ ち ら This is 'Whole one ethnic curry with warmth' (900 yen) from Today's SOMEN. Topped with lots of puffies at your choice ('▽ `)

Nagaseko points. This is also a dumpling from Tokushima.

Sudachi Somen 850 yen


↑ I will have a cold sod somen! What is this visual!

The thin sliced ​​sliced ​​Tokushima produce from the Tokushima line is beautifully arranged and no more refreshing ('こ れ `)


す Of course, you can eat every kind of skin and every kind! There is no such thing as wonder and sourness. When I went on a trip to Kagawa this time, I realized that citrus fruits fit in with noodles.

It is better to put in too much citrus fruits!


半 田 Handa Somen is delicious and smooth over the throat!

Isn't it best if you eat it after drinking alcohol? No, I am weak, so I want to eat every time! I am envious of Higashinakano. Such a shop is open for 18 hours ....

Nakano doesn't have a chance to come, but I just want to go there again if it is just so noodles. It was such a shop. Thank you for the meal!

Awa and 壱

Address1-58-11 Higashinakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo Serita Building 103
AccessTake the JR Chuo Line [Higashinakano Station] West Exit ticket, go down the stairs on the left and turn right immediately. Walk along the track along the track and walk XNUM X seconds
Nearest stationHigashinakano
Business hoursMon, Wed, Thu, Sun, Holidays, Holidays: 11: 00-Next 2: 00 (Cooking LO Next 1: 00 Drink LO Next 1: 00) Tue: 11: 00-23: 00 (Cooking LO 22: 00 Drink LO 22: 00) Fri, Sat: 11: 00-Next 5: 00 (Cooking LO Next 4: 00 Drink LO Next 4: 00)
Regular holidayFixed holiday (May be closed for basic year-round, coverage, maintenance, etc.) Sunday business
The total number of seats10
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