【The hotel】 The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon by hulic is a perfect hotel for sightseeing in Asakusa where Tokyo Sky Tree can be felt close

Hello! It is Tokyo walk po which loves Asakusa.

This time, I stayed at "The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon by hulic," which opened in Asakusa in XNUM X months in XNUM.It was a great hotel for sightseeing in Asakusa where Tokyo Sky Tree can be felt up close (^^)


A walk 1 from Asakusa Kaminarimon. "The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon by HULICIs a popular hotel for foreign tourists. From the entrance of the 1 floor, first take the elevator to the lobby of the 13 floor. The lobby is a luxurious space where panoramic views of the Asakusa neighborhood can be enjoyed by the open all-window glass.

Unfortunately on this day I could not see it because of the rain, but on a clear day I can see the sky tree in front of you @ ^ ^ @

Style E Essential TwinTo guest room


チ ェ ッ ク Finish check-in, go to the room immediately.

This time, I stayed in a non-smoking room of "Style E Essential Twin" on the 6 floor.

A calm and stylish room with a modern feel.

The bed is a bed made in Lumberland, England. It was a nice and comfortable bed.


↑ prepared pajamas. A set of slightly larger jackets and loose trousers.

It was very comfortable to wear and I was able to relax.


↑ The power source @ ^ ^ @ There was also a wired LAN jack. There were power supply at the entrance, desk and several places.


机 Desks and tables should be modern as well @ ^ ^ @


↑ LCD TV is 32 type.

To the bathroom


パ ウ ダ ー Powder room is colored based on white. It becomes a unit with the toilet.

It is compact and beautiful ~


完備 Washlet which is very popular with foreigners is also available.


バ ス The bathroom is separated from the bathroom!


バ ス The bathroom is large enough for one person. You can also relax in the bathtub.


↑ Hanslohe rain dance showers (^^) made by XNUM star hotels.


↑ We have massage shower and heal fatigue of trip (^ ^)


バ ス The bathroom can be seen partially from the bedroom! Doki!


シ ャ ン プ ー Shampoo, rinse, body soap is an adult scent of Darjeeling tea.


ア メ ニ テ ィ The amenities look like this.


フ ェ イ ス Face soap is also put properly.

Unexpectedly, I tend to forget to take it on a trip, so I'm happy.


↑ Bath towel and dryer under the wash basin.


冷 蔵 庫 Because there is no refrigerator under the TV, buy it at a nearby convenience store or drink corner in the hotel and let it cool.


金庫 Safe too. Put valuables here when you go for breakfast.


Of course hotel Wi-Fi for hotel guests is also fully equipped (^ ^)


ハ ン ガ ー hangers and room slippers.

The color is also unified to feel chic and Good.


パ ー プ ル Purple sofa next to the bed (^ ^)


↑ Air purifier! I feel that there isn't much left. I need to care about details.

The room on the 6 floor was covered this time, but the view from the window was worn by the building next to it, and the bad weather was overlapping, so I could not see the Tokyo Sky Tree from the room.

But please rest assured.

The lobby is the top floor 13 floor, so you can enjoy a beautiful view from Sensoji Temple to Tokyo Sky Tree!

The view from the lobby is amazing


↑ I came back to the lobby again. There is nothing unobstructed from here, and you can overlook Asakusa area and Tokyo Sky Tree.


↑ Asakusa Kaminarimon from the front when you look at the pushing upper side.


↑ The building of Asakusa EKIMISE is visible on the left.


↑ Unfortunately, the sky tree was only half visible because of rain on this day, but you can see the objects on the roof of the Super Dry Hall next to the Asahi Beer headquarters building, and the Tokyo Sky Tree can be seen in the far end! I'm sorry for the rain!


美 し Look to the north and see the beauty of Senso-ji and the five-story pagoda!

What a fantastic! I felt like I was able to cut off a scene of new Asakusa and I was excited (* ^ _ ^ *)

Go to the rooftop terrace on the 14 floor with a view of Tokyo Sky Tree!


You can enjoy the view of Sky Tree and downtown while feeling the outside air. There is also an indoor bar here, so it's nice to be here while watching the Sky Tree if the weather is fine (^^)

The weather on this day was bad weather and skytrees were rewarded, but the night view of the Asakusa neighborhood that is rarely seen. I had a special time.

Have breakfast while watching Tokyo Sky Tree


↑ Well the next morning. Enjoy your breakfast time! It will be served at the restaurant & bar on the 13 floor where Sky Tree can be seen. I could see the Sky Tree more than yesterday (^ ^)

↑ Breakfast is buffet style (XNUM X person XNUM X yen tax included).

Fresh salad or “vegetable station” with organic vegetables

↑ side dishes are also fulfilling.

A delicious (́ 美 `) breakfast buffet always wants to eat all kinds.



定 番 The hotel breakfast is still croissant. It has a high flavor of butter and is a saxophone.



保存 Preservative, homemade marmalade with carefully selected orange peel that does not use any coloring!

Not only the sweetness but also the bitter taste can be felt (^ ^)


バ タ ー butter is a traditional fermented butter from France "Esire butter" is used.


↑ Mouth soft Esire butter. The croissant I eat with this was the best (^ ^ ^)


ヨ ー グ ル ト Yogurt and cereal can be squeezed with plenty of honey!

↑ You can also squeeze orange juice!


卵 Egg dishes can be selected from omelet, egg Benedict and French toast.

We order an omelet ('▽ `)


オ Omelet was served with pancake and ham, bacon and salad.

It looks beautiful and the omelet is fluffy.

Finally I got an original blended coffee and enjoyed eating from the morning in a gorgeous atmosphere.


朝 食 After breakfast, I went to the roof terrace again and I could see Tokyo Sky Tree better than yesterday! Today will be a nice day (^ ^)



"The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon" is the point that is the greatest point immediately from the tourist attraction of Asakusa Raimon! There is a sense of beauty and luxury, and I think tourists from overseas are also pleased. It is also unique to this hotel that you can walk around Nakamise Street and Kaminarimon, where there are still few people in the morning.

The view of the Tokyo Sky Tree from the lobby (night view) was a great place to watch anytime. I want to come back again next time when it is fine (^^)

The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon by hulic

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