[Sanrio Puroland] Limited time "Chanrio Maker" Halloween parts appeared!

This summer, 10 kinds of "Halloween parts" appeared for a limited time until 31 Mon 39 days in Sanrio Puroland's original character "Chanrio Maker" that became a topic!

Sanrio dress up icon "Chanrio Maker"

Sanrio original clothes changing icon "Chanrio Maker" which became very hot topic this summer. In Sanrio Puroland, you can get limited parts, and I told you last time that you can create a limited "Chanrio Card" that can be discounted by XNUM% for all shopping in the in-house shop.

Halloween parts 39 type limited release


そ ん な During that, I heard that the limited part 39 type for Halloween of Chanrio will be released for a limited time until 2015 Year XNUM X Month XNUM X (Saturday), I went to the Sanrio Puroland blogger event in Tama City !

Puro Halloween XNUM X


Puro Halloween XNUM X"Halloween Halloween events are being held!"

Get "The Secret of Love" in the Virtual Parade


First of all, the “Virtual Parade” is being held at the entertainment hall on the 1 floor. This is a projection video type experience attraction, and if you register your "Chanrio" in advance, you can participate in the virtual parade with Kitty and Sanrio characters!


ハ ロ ウ ィ ン At the end of the parade video, Hello Kitty announces the “love word” of Halloween limited parts. First get the secret word here!

Get "Lara Mask"!


↑ Create a "Chanrio Maker" and then "Change clothes" → Tap a key mark → Enter "Ai Toki" and cancel to get limited parts!

First of all, get "Lala Mask"!I feel strange that I put a man, but I wonder (; ∀ ∀ `)

Get at the goods and the restaurant


ち ゃ ん If you shop at a restaurant or goods department in Puroland, the "Chain Secret Word" is printed on the receipt. This is easy to miss, so check it out!


↑ Here you get the "Dokuro Kitty Ribbon"!

Kitty is a skull!


↑ This is "Horomi Halloween hat".

Self-proclaimed My Melody rival "Kuromi"It's cute with her characteristic ears.


血 The bloody costume with a star-shaped blood stain is unique to Halloween.

It is quite a thriller limited part with a flask and a scalpel containing poisonous liquid (^ ^)


↑ This is my wife-in-law.

“Blooming costume” is good that boys and girls have different visuals!

A stuffed toy with a bandage on the left hand is really a surreal thing."Lara Halloween stuffed toy" on the right is also cute.

Also the costume of "Pompomu pudding" of the popular ranking first place


中 に During the "Sanrio Character Grand Prize" won the first place in the "Sanrio Character Award" this year "PompompurinHalloween costume "Pomepomu Halloween costume" too!

I will no longer know my own, but it is a fun limited part that can become a pom pom pudding with a beret ('▽ `)


そ ん な Such a thing, my favorite is "vampire costume".

I wore a black cloak with a bow tie and I feel like Dracula!


女 の 子 The girl version of "Vampire Costume" should be a small devilish costume with bat wings on its back (^ ^)


↑ We introduced in part like this, but there are all 39 types of limited parts.

I want to complete this all!

I tried to make a card and clear file



↑ This is my Halloween version "Chorio Card"

Souvenir goods in the hall will all be discounted by XNUM% just by having it, the target menu can be eaten by 5 discount at XNUM X restaurants, or a wonderful surprise will occur just by showing it to Kitty at Lady Kitty House!


↑ I went to this day togetherJealousyWe made "chanrio clear file"!

One place in the world is good (・ ∀ ·)


Chanrio Maker is very popular to be able to easily make himself a Sanrio original character. This time, I am glad that the limited parts during the Halloween period are premiums for guests who came to Sanrio Puroland. The event is being held until Halloween of XNUM X Moon X NUM X days, so please look for the secret word (^ ^)

We want you to create various parts every season from now on!


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