Curry eating curry on a long autumn night "Shimokitazawa curry Festival 2015" will begin!

Shimokita curry festival!

What is the Shimokitazawa Curry Festival?


The Shimokitazawa Curry Festival, which began in 2012, is a curry festival that is held every XNUM month in XNUM X days.
In the year of 4, this year's cultural town "Shimokita" seems to have new attempts such as comedy and curry, theater and curry, film and curry, music and curry. In addition, stores that do not issue curry will also participate in stores 17 (WEGO, JS PANCAKE CAFE, etc.).

There seems to be a stamp rally around the curry shop!

Introduce the shop that I participated last year


実 Actually, last yearOkunoI was invited to visit the Shimokita curry festival (^ ^)

This was held in 4 this yearShimokitazawa tour to go with Okuno large childBut I visited "BEER BAR Ushitora".

This yearSpicy curry cooked with a large amount of craft beer, which can only be done by the beer shopBarley curry with lamb meat680 yen / 980 yenI can taste)) (^ ^ ^)


↑ This is "tenma shop Shimokitazawa store of salmon & curry bread".

"Beef curry" (950 yen) is put out at the store, but curry bread sold in the store is also delicious!Involuntarily walk eating!


↑ here "Teppanyaki Gotsuki Shimokitazawa"Mr. is not a participating curry festival, though. Curry fried soba I ate last year, the burnt smell of curry powder was so delicious to taste my appetite (^ ^)

↑ Okuno of the Shimokita Master has also become like this (^ ^)

The "Shimokitazawa Curry Festival" has become well-known in recent years, so some shops are popular enough that you can not go into the shops on weekends, but it is good to eat curry somewhere if you wander around is not it.
How about eating curry in the city of curry "Shimokitazawa" for a long autumn night?

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