[IPhone X NUM X s opened Sanpo] X NUM X first year model change! We tried size comparison with iPhone X NUM Xs

Model change for the first time in 2 years! New iPhone2015s and iPhone9sPlus were released by APPLE on 25 / 6 on 6.
I just opened the iPhone X NUM Xs I received earlier!

I changed it to iPhone X NUM Xs X NUM X G Gold by the model change of au by what kind of thing!


↑ This time I thought that I would like to go away from the au I was using for 18 and make a cheap SIM, but using the trade-offs, coupons, 1 10,000 charge of the au wallet, etc. I decided to change the model in! Mr. Munesada's blog was quite helpful!

2 first year model change is iPhone XNUM Xs XNUM XG Gold! My wife ordered a rose gold 6G at the same time, but it looks like it will not arrive today, so I will open it here for the time being (^ ^)

Immediately open!


↑ Open the lid and see the iPhone X NUM Xs! I took it side by side with the iPhone X NUM Xs I used to this day! large!

Accessories look like this


↑ Accessories are as usual like this. The earphone has a Lightning cable, a charging plug, a simple specification sheet and a SIM pin.


↑ Power ON!


↑ Hello, Hello ('``)


↑ 5s are edgy forms, but 6s are round forms like the iPhone 6 released last year.

I am familiar with my hands!

Thickness comparison with XNUM Xs


厚 Thickness comparison with X NUM X s!

iPhone X NUM Xs X NUM X mm

iPhone X NUM Xs X NUM X mm

And -0.5mm thinner!

Weight is

iPhone X NUM Xs X NUM X g

iPhone X NUM Xs X NUM X g

And about XNUM Xg up! I have a moment!

Width comparison


? Width comparison with X NUM X s!

iPhone X NUM Xs X NUM X mm

iPhone X NUM Xs X NUM X mm

Size up. It's an XNUM X inch LCD.

The upper part had the power button until XNUMxs, but from 5 the power button is moved to the right side.

Length comparison with XNUM Xs


高 Height comparison with X NUM X s!

iPhone X NUM Xs X NUM X mm

iPhone X NUM Xs X NUM X mm

The power button is here. The SIM slot is also here.


下部 The lower part is the earphone jack, microphone, Lightning and speaker as before.


↑ Camera powers up from 8M pixels to 12M pixels!

However, I have to be careful because the camera part is convex. I want the case early.


色 The color is gold ~.

The same gold color as the iPad bought this year ('▽ `)


↑ "S" is displayed on the display of "iPhone".

After all, new ones feel good!

↑ Yes, the passcode has changed from 4 digits to 6 digits. I hope the security is up.

iPhone 6s start!


↑ That's right, restore the data from today is iPhone X NUM Xs! Get used to the size of this screen quickly and use it! I am especially looking forward to the camera! I wonder if my bride's rose gold will come soon (^ ^)

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