[Tokyo handcrafted eating comparison] carefully selected recommended Japanese-style sweets ranking best 8 is this!

It was a Tokyo walk poet that I used to like grain bean paste but I thought it was good nowadays.
We held the "Tokyo Handicraft Eating Comparison" a plan to try and compare rankings by eating and comparing XNUM products selected by many Tokyo handicrafts with blogger 8 names.
We introduce XNUM X products that we ate and compared with state of event of the day!

(Photographing cooperation:Hiroki Kawaguchi,Palace

What is the "Tokyo hand-made snacks club"?


The "Tokyo Handicraft Eating Club" held this time is the second of the eating comparison events held by the town information site XNUM X min. [San Zero Minutes] and the Omotesando information site "Memoe Sand" in 2013. Actually, last time we participated as a participant, it was a very enjoyable project, so why not open it again? I was able to co-sponsor this time.

[reference]I can not give it without eating! We have participated in a meeting where you can try eating and drinking "Ovenue" in Omotesando! Tokyo walk po

I really like this concept of "I can not give it if I try to give it to people." However, such an event was very valuable because there were not many opportunities to eat and compare various kinds of souvenirs at once.

This time, the cost of the venue was sponsored by XNUM X min. [San Zero Minutes], and it was held in the form that the souvenir fee was covered by the participation fee of all members.

A handcrafted souvenir of Japanese sweets XNUM X

P9120025 (1)

↑ This eating and drinking party is an adviser to Yuichi Kaniwa (Twitter: @ skrbThe theme of “Hands of handmade sweets bought in the heart of Tokyo” was repeated on the theme of more than 30 types of sweets, and delicious and affordable handcrafted gift 8 products were selected.

In addition, a blog to table coordination this timeyoccoMr. yocco helped me. Thank you very much!

DSC03839 (1)

↑ Beautifully decorated souvenirs. Let's introduce one by one!

Itame Ame Hanai (Ameya Eitaro · Shinjuku)


ま ず First of all, another brand of Ryota Taiho Sohonpo, famous for its sake.Ameya Eitaro (Ameya Eitaro)"Ameheid sugar (Aruheito) made with sugar and starch syrup (Aruheito)" from the plate-shaped candy, Hanirei (Hane Hitoe) is the entry.

A mysterious jar that melts as soon as you put it in your mouth. In addition to regular 4 types of mint, strawberry, yogurt, and caramel (5 with 378 incl. Tax), Isetan-only Damascus (5 with 432 incl.) Is also available.

In addition to the Isetan Shinjuku Store, Ginza Mitsukoshi, you can also purchase online shops.

Monaka (Mizuho, ​​Jingumae)


福 Daifuku is so popular in Tokyo that it is said to be the Three Great Daifukus, and often sold out in the morning. Another special item, Monaka, is a dish of Hokkaido-made Dainagon Koshian and scorched skin.

There are a lot of sweet and sour tastes of sweet potato, but sweet potato is also modest, and it seems to eat next time. If you take this as a gift you will not miss it (^ ^)

The price is 1 140 yen 10 1,566 yen 24 3,586 yen (tax included) (expiration date 4 days)

Related ranking:Japanese sweets | Meiji Jingumae Station,Harajuku Station,Omotesando Station

Karinto (Yushima Kagetsu, Yushima)


↑ We have been familiar with XNUM X years in YujimaYushima Hanatsuki"Karinto". It is said that ordinary Karinto is covered with brown sugar, but Karinto of "Yushima Kagetsu" has a bowl of white sugar boiled in it. The surroundings are crispy and the temperature is different in the oil which is fried 3 times and the dough is a dish that you can enjoy different texture and moist texture. Green tea is a must-have item (^ ^) Price is small cans: 90 gx 2 pieces XNUM X yen (tax included) single clothes: XNUM X g XNUM X (expiration date XNUM X months)

Fried Manju (Takemura / Kanda Sudacho)


揚 げ The fried manju of Kanda-Suda town's sweetness processing place "Takemura" is a popular dish prepared by putting flour on a mandarin of rice cake made with Hokkaido azuki beans and frying it with oil.


↑ Building is designated as historical building of Tokyo choice and is very tasteful. Recently, it is also popular as a place of holy ground pilgrimage as a model of the home of the main character of the anime "Love Live!". It was not possible to make a reservation only in this souvenir, and it was lined up before the event on the day of the event.


揚 げ It's fried and delicious, but it's a little disappointing that at the event it's been a while for a while and the clothes have gone. When it gets cold, it's better to heat it for about 40 seconds with a microwave. Price is 6 pieces 1,410 yen (tax included) (expiration date 2 days)

Related ranking:Sweet spot | Awajicho Station,Ogawamachi Station,Shin-Ochanomizu Station

Kusu Mochi (Nippon Nagato and Nihonbashi)


↑ A pastry shop founded in the Edo period with a history of about 300 yearsNihonbashi Nagato. "

Purely made Kushi Mushi which is made by kneading this sour flour and sugar is full of black powder.


↑ This is Nihonbashi Nagato. It is about 3 minutes on foot from Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit.


↑ I have put 12 pieces in one pack, but when I open the package, Kusu has hid in a large amount of flour. Taste that sweet sweetness is relieved without black honey (^ ^)
12 cut 890 yen (tax included) (expiration date 2 days)

Anmitsu (Anmitsu and Ueno)


甘味 "Sweethouse" established in Showa 23 years after the end of the warAnmi Mitsuhashi". Tofu is an azuki bean from Hokkaido Tokachi, agar made from Amakusa from Izu and Izu islands, and glutinous rice blended with glutinous rice, and the beans are selected from red bean and materials from Kamifurano, Hokkaido. I For sweetness of bliss if you eat it over the special made of brown sugar from Okinawa Hateruma island and eat it ('▽ `)


本 The main store is next to Yodobashi Camera at the entrance of Ueno Park. Shaved ice is also delicious in summer. There are also branches in the underground station of Tokyo Station, so it is also recommended when returning home!

the price isXNUM X pieces X NUM X yen (tax included) (expiration date: summer X NUM X days, winter X NUM X days)

[reference]【Ueno】 Perfect for summer! Eat "Uji Ice" with glutinous white balls at "Anmitsu Misashi Ueno Main Store" |

Kurofune Dorayaki (Kurofune / Jiyugaoka)


↑ Hold a main store on Jiyugaoka "Black ship. "

It is a delicious texture that a good quality Hokkaido-made bean jam is caught in a black sugar-flavored dough containing glutinous rice with the popular Kurogane Dorayaki.


↑ The packaging looks like this.

It's about half the size of a normal bracken so it looks like it's pleasing to women.


↑ Even if the skin of super dust is very attractive (^ ^) A little sweet bean paste is a reasonable amount and it is quite a feeling of satisfaction with this one.


↑ You can purchase at Matsuya Ginza and Takashimaya in addition to the Jiyugaoka Main Store here. It's good to be able to buy it at online stores!

the price is1 227 yen 5 1,134 yen 10 2,268 yen (tax included) (expiration date: 3 days)

Rikyu Fuyaki (Kakeshi Kikuya / Minami Aoyama)


↑ last is"Rikyu Fuyaki" coated with honey made of Kagoshima-made black sugar for candy. This is a candy that is made based on the documents left by the tea ceremony people, Senrikyu. The coating is very thick honey, but it is mixed with salt and plums in the mouth to produce sweet and elegant sweetness.

It is also popular as a candy served at tea ceremony.


箱 The box is accompanied by a thousand sweets with a Rikyu Fuyaki. Fukini feels just plain, but just putting in this one thousand sweets will greatly improve the grade of hand-made souvenirs.

the price isX NUM X sheet X NUM X (tax included) (expiration date: X NUM X days)

Yuru character "Tanu" appearance of "Omote sand"


↑ Handy souvenirs 8 items are eaten at the place where you become quite full of stomachs and you are entering the Yura Chara Grand Prix in the advertising manager of “The front sand”Tatan"Appeared. The event was enlivened in a two-shot with Daigo Okuno (^ ^)

Eating comparison club popularity ranking is this place!


It is た, and the result announcement as it is! Here is the result of the bloggers of all 15 names voting for the top 8 products from among the 3 products!

Same rate XNUM?
Kusu Mochi (Nippon Nagato and Nihonbashi) 10 points
Kurofune Dorayaki (Kurofune / Jiyugaoka) 10 points

2 bit
Karinto (Yushima Hanatsuki, Yushima) 8 points

Same percentage X NUM X
Ita Ameha Kazu (Ameya Eitaro · Ginza) 4 points
Monaka (Mizuho ・ Jingumae) X NUM X points
Anmitsu (Anmitsu Tsukushi ・ Ueno) 4 points

4 bit
Fried Manju (Takemura / Kanda Sudacho) 3 points

5 bit
Rikyu Fuyaki (Kasumi Kikuya, Minami Aoyama) 2 points

Ms. Kusu and Kurofune Dorayaki became the popular hand-made souvenirs of the venue at the same rate as 1.

The bloggers who participated in the event this time were also quite troubled, so I think that all 8 products I have eaten and compare this time are recommended souvenirs. It would be an honor to refer to this ranking when buying handcrafts for any occasion!


This time, the event was held on the theme of hand-made souvenirs of Japanese sweets that can be bought in the city center, but it was a good opportunity to know the depth and evolution of Japanese sweets again. When I try to buy hand-made souvenirs, I think that I think that the faces of the person who gave the hand-made gift are happy even though the times change (^^) If you know various hand-made hands, you can choose according to the other's taste The width is also likely to expand.

Also, if there is an opportunity, I would like to hold the "Tokyo Handcrafted Eating Comparison"!

Blog report of everyone who participated in the event

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