[Understanding the rental stock status with the app] "TSUTAYA" started collaboration with movie review site "Filmarks"

Japan's largest movie review site "Filmarks" cooperates with "TSUTAYA"


The first rental video I rented is Nausicaa from the Valley of the Winds, Tokyo Walkpo.
Japan's largest movie review service "Filmarks"ButTSUTAYAStart a partnership with You can now check the availability of TSUTAYA from the app.

Filmarks is a very popular site that boasts over 800 reviews as a movie review service. I have been using it since last year, but as a database of movies, of course, I read the impressions of people who follow me as a movie SNS, check the movies I want to watch, and it's a favorite service that is easy to use.

Cooperation with TSUTAYA, you can immediately know the stock status of the nearest store


F The Filmarks (Philmarks) started collaboration with TSUTAYA just recently! It is now possible to check the rental stock status of TSUTAYA in the neighborhood within the Filmarks app. This is quite convenient (^-^)

For example, "Badman or (unexpected miracle caused by ignorance)" of the 9 Academy Awards work award, which began to be rented from 2 Mon XNUM X days.

If you look at the lower side, there are two icons of TSUTAYA, and the left is "rent at a store" and the right is "rent on a net and look at delivery".

If you tap "Browse on the Internet, watch on videos", you can receive a home delivery rental of DVDs with video distribution and a fixed amount.TSUTAYA DISCASConnect to


↑ If you tap "Loan at store", you can search for TSUTAYA stores from the current position or word. Tap "Set Store" to search and set nearby TSUTAYA.

We understand the stock situation immediately


↑ If you try to check the rental stock status of the nearby TSUTAYA store from "rent in the store" actually ...

"Birdman" has a thumbprint so it seems to be in the shop with both DVD and Blu-ray!


↑ If everything is rented and there is no stock, it will be displayed as “No handling” if there is no stock! Susuga Doraemon (^ ^)

Since it is not real-time, there may be a difference in touch, but with this you may feel tired when you have borrowed all the DVDs you are looking for, and hopelessness when you have not handled them. The probability of tasting is likely to be quite low (^ _ ^)
In addition, the confirmation of the stock status could be used without registering personal information in Filmarks.


↑ In addition to this, Filmarks has a rich notification function. If you set your favorite actor or director to "Fan!", Notification will come when the work of that actor or director is added ...


↑ The notification of the movie start and rental start of the movie “Clip!” Is also notified by push, so I can not miss it. ※ Notification is iOS version only

NETFLIX,HuluAs Amazon is moving into video distribution, this year it has been said to be called "the first year of video distribution", but so far the number of new works of major works is still small number of video distribution. I think that one of them will be resolved, but the new works are likely to be rented a little more at TSUTAYA.

Fillmarks (Fillmarks), while leaving the word-of-mouth, it is a lot of fun to be able to meet new films such as the "hot films" that are currently exciting, so please use it!

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