It is just a luxury bag! Application for visiting the Guest House Akasaka Rikyu begins

☆ The year-round exhibition of the guest reception hall Akasaka rikyu has started. Please see the following articles for details. (2016 / 4 / 20 postscript)

The Cabinet Office announced the application for the 2012 Guest House Akasaka Rikyu Visit.
A limited 20,000 people can visit in total 10 days from July 24 (Tuesday) to August 2 (Thu)!

From the Cabinet Office HP

1. Application acceptance period
May 2012 11 (Friday)-June 5 (Tuesday) Postmarked effective on the day

2. Visiting period
A total of 10 days from July 24, 2012 (Tuesday) to August 2 (Thu)
10:00-16:30 (reception is until 15:30)

3. Those who can apply for visit
It is limited to those over 16 years old on the day you want to visit.

4. Number of visitors
20,000 people (2,000 people per day)

5. Application method
Please specify the necessary information on the back of the letter-mailed side of the "Post-Post-Postal-mail Postcard", and fill in the postal code, address and name of the person who will receive the postcard in the reply table.
You can apply for up to 2 people per 1 copy, but if you apply for 2 people, please fill in the necessary information for 2 people for the following (2) to (7).
(1) Preferred day of visit (only one day during the visit period)
(2) Name (Kurigana)
(3) Date of birth
(4) gender
(5) postcode
(6) Address
(7) phone number

6. Destination
-0 119-0303 Japan Post Akasaka Branch Remains
Welcome to Guest House Akasaka Rikyu

7. Decisions and Notices of Visitors
(1) If there are a large number of applicants, the visitors will be determined by a drawing for each day of the desired visit date.
(2) The visitor's decision notification will be shipped in early July.

The guest house was originally built in the 1909 year (Meiji 42 year) as the Higashinomiya palace.
Currently, it is a national facility established to provide accommodation and other services to guests such as foreign heads of state and prime ministers.
When Kunigu comes, I often see the news that a dinner is being held here ^ ^

The Guest House is just like the Versailles Palace!
I want to see it once I'm fine ^ ^

Guest House Akasaka Rikyu Photograph Collection-Cabinet Office

The inside seems to be no shooting, but it seems that you can also shoot in the exterior and garden.
Every year, each room has an explanation by a volunteer guide.

Security is severe because it is designated as a national treasure and is an important building in the country
Visiting XNUM X times in X NUM X years. I would like to go on this occasion!

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