[Minami Senju, Ohana] has a thick fluffy Tokyo No.1 weight!

It is a Tokyo walk poe that loves samurai.
The hot summer is likely to start this year after the rainy season. It seems that there are 2015 days of 7 month 24 day (Friday) and 8 month 5 day (Wednesday).Blur aroundWe went to a famous store of Minami-Senju, Mr. Ohana, who I wanted to go with Mr. HAMACHI!

To the famous store of procession resolution


Get off the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Minamisenju Station and walk along the JR Joban Line for XNUM minutes on footLong-established store of mochi "Ohana"is. This shop isMichelinBut it is a well-known store that takes stars, but since I can not make reservations, the procession is inevitable.

We had a meeting with Mr. Hamachi on Sunday afternoon at 5, but Mr. Hamachi lined up before that 1 time (^ _ ^)Thank you!


稲 There is Inari in Ohana's site ~. I'm sorry to say.


↑ I brought a Japanese style fan from home, but there were a number of shops out of the shop and everyone was looking forward to it. I am sitting on the bench to the end of the house and waiting, but the smoke from the kitchen is burning and I am very hungry (^ ^;)

The order is only pre-ordered when lining up outside.On this day, those who lined up at 5 minutes as of afternoon 30 were already closed.Truly a popular store!

Hamachi lined up at 4 in the afternoon, just 2 time, and finally into the store at 6 in the afternoon. At the entrance, leave your legs to Nakai and go to the store. The shop has a large table and a table, about 50 seats. This time we were passed to the seat behind 1 in the tatami room. Cooler works and cool (^_^)

Ohana's goods written



↑ It takes time from 30 to 40, because the weight is entered from the ground. While waiting, order a side menu other than Unaju. However, this price is bad!


ま ず First of all, beware with beer (^ ^)

Uzaku (XNUM X yen)


↑ This is three cups of vinegar with eel grilled eel.Nod"It's an interesting name, isn't it?

Cucumber and edible chrysanthemum are attached and the color is also bright.


↑ I ate for the first time. It feels like the eel's fat is neutralized with vinegar, it becomes soft and delicious.

Umaki (2,400 yen)



This is Tamako-yaki wrapped in salmon.Umaki". The chopsticks are finely carved but this is fluffy. Because egg grilled is fluffy too, it is already an ensemble of something fluffy (^. ^) Delicious.

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