[Kagawa Prefecture Kannonji City] As a result of buying a lot XNUM X of Roto XNUM at the Kannonji Chance Center and praying with Zenigata Sane

Kagawa Prefecture's fortune spot "Zenigata sand picture"I heard that the other day there is a treasure lottery department of the topic that 10 billion yen 7 also won in LOT 8 in about 2 minutes by car from there, I tried to buy Lotto7.
What is the result?

Is XNUM X Billion Yen Winning ?!


This is the Kanonji Temple Chance Center in Kanonji, Kagawa Prefecture. It is a seemingly ordinary treasure lottery counter near the JR Yokan Line Kannonji Station.
What's amazing here ...


↑ Yes,From this treasure lottery department, it is a topic by the fact that the first 7 billion yen of Lotto 8 is won from the treasure lottery department and the XNUM X mouth is also wonIs it? Moreover, it is said that 1 people bought XNUM X units and bought XNUM X billion yen because they were sold on the same day.I can not imagine XNUM X Billion yen ...Nowadays many people come here to buy treasures.


I told you anything about the other dayZenigata sand pictureIt is a treasure lottery hot topic in the subject when XNUM X 100 million yen hits by praying for ".
I can only buy this because I want to hit it ^ o ^


P5150817That's why I bought Roto 7 for XNUM X yen 10. Since there was a stamp shaped like a Zen pattern sand picture in the place to write the mark sheet, I will press it in commemoration on the back of the mark sheet (^ ^)


The window with an aunt who calls on you to say "I'll hit you" says "Kanchan" who is a golden pika is sitting (^^) Locally, he received a large prize prayer at Kannon Temple And!

This day was during the sale period of Dream Jambo Treasure Kuji on Friday evening, but everyone still comes ~. I stayed for about 10 minutes, but I came to buy about 10 pairs.

I pray with a penny-shaped sand picture


So I bought a Lot 7 and went to "Peniform Sand Painting" and prayed. #Fresh

What is the result?

It was hitting 1,200!


↑ When I get a check at the local treasure lottery department after returning to Tokyo ...Oh! 6 yen such as 1,200 is not hit-Zenigata effects are great! I have bought it a couple of times in Lot 7, but it feels so vain that the "feelings of nothing" at the time of my hating, but I'm glad if I hit it after all ^ _ ^

8 billion yen may be hit for thatTreasure lottery department "Kannonji chance center"Was introduced.
Let's try luck if you get close!

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