Hanami Sanpo Setagaya Yoda-Kitazawa River Green Road-Shimokitazawa

This time using the Android app of "Odakyu Railway Line Fureai Trail"
I took a walk from Odakyu Line "Setagaya Yoda" to "Shimokitazawa".

After a short walk from Setagaya-Yoda of the start, you will come to the Ring 7 place.

First of all, visit Oda Hachiman Shrine.
I hope you can take a nice walk today ^ ^

From the Oda-Hachiman Shrine, go along the Rings-n-Dori, and you will come to the Kitazawa River Green Road.

This day is where cherry blossoms begin to bloom.

Tortoise and shellfish ^ ^

A green path where the brook flows.
I will be healed ^ ^

Oh! What a bird is this?
If you have water and green, you can see rare birds in Setagaya.

Feel free to crawl
You look feels good.

The water in the river is the water that reclaimed the sewage!
Of course there was no smell at all, it was a beautiful brook.

Planting was also wonderful.
Local people are done cleanly ^ ^

Setagaya is also literally a valley town.
There were many stairs and slopes.

Cherry blossoms are a little more!

It is a perfect route for a walk.

This is okame zakura
The color is wonderful!

This cherry tree bloomed the most on this day ^ ^

Away from the Kitazawa River Green Road
Head towards Shimokitazawa.
This is"Indo Curry Rice shop Gogh"Good smell to the outside of the store ^ ^

This is Morishinji. The second son of Ieyasu Tokugawa, the site of Yuki Nakan Hideyasu was erected in 1608 as a place for Hideyasu.

There is a large ginkgo tree in the kindergarten on the grounds of the temple.
It is about 400 years old.

Such alleys are good feeling ^ ^

Arrive in Shimokita. I was hungry, so here "Vizz"I had a lunch.

Taco rice and hamburger rice. Both were delicious ^ ^

By the way, to the arcade of Shimokita where Showa-style still remains.
However, will it be removed soon after redevelopment?
Almost no shops did.

It was a very atmosphere, though. .
A little lonely.

Shimokitazawa will be reborn.
However, I want the unique taste that is only here to be left for future generations.

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