[Minami Aoyama] Eat fluffy tropancake and egg Benedict in "Clinton Street Bakering"

We went to the popular pancake restaurant "Clinton Street Bakering" that opened in Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku last year.
I got fluffy pancakes and egg Benedict!

Pancake shop in New York No. 1


"Clinton Street Bakering" is casual dining that opened on Aoyama's antique street last month in 8. Pancakes are regarded as No. X NUMX in New York and are popular pancake shops that can be lined up every day.
This time I made a reservation on the Internet using the service of “Yahoo! Reservation Restaurant”. Please see here about "Yahoo! reservation restaurant".

Go to the 2 floor in "Clinton Street Bakering"


This time I went on Sunday evening. When you enter the entrance, there are a few counter seats and the 1 floor is already full. When I told the name of the reservation, I was taken to the 2 floor. Atmosphere that the large window which I can see the antique street is bright and feels good. After a while, the light became a bit dark and my sister brought a candle. This is a pretty good mood. A perfect atmosphere for a date or anniversary (^ ^)

Dinner Menu at Clinton Street Bakering




デ ィ ナ ー "Clinton Street Bakering" dinner menu is here. A dinner like breakfast called "Breakfast for Dinner" has become a course where you can enjoy both pancake and egg Benedict with XNUM X yen (^ ^) Well, what should we do today?

Egg Benedict XNUM X Yen


"Clinton Street Bakering" famous for pancake, but first of allVeg Benedict (XNUM X)Order. Topped with chopped leeks and tomatoes on top of the hollandy sauce, it's a bit fresh.


"Clinton Street Bakering" uses buttermilk biscuits instead of English muffins, so the crisp texture was fresh again ♪


When it is separated with a fork, the harmony of the salty taste of ham and the fragrant egg is exquisite. The green onion and tomato will taste good there ♪

Fried chicken salad (1400 yen)

P4260187clintonstreetbakingtokyoP4260188clintonstreetbakingtokyoI was surprised to see this salad that was carried, and it was completely different from the image. Chicken is crispy and its surface is crispy. It was cut easy-to-eat, and when I ate a bite, I thought "That? Sweet !?", and the chicken was covered with buttermilk dressing.

The deliciousness of crispy fragrant chicken and the surprisingness of the slightly sweet dressing are exquisite! This is likely to be addictive (^ ^)

It was served with romaine lettuce, a small-cut cucumber, and a jalapeno-flavored corn bread crouton with the chicken. Cruton is a bit hard.

Pancake with maple butter (1500 yen)



By the way, we have been waiting for the pancake! You can also choose blueberries, bananas and walnuts, and chocolate 3 toppings on top of the pancake layered in 3 tiers, but for this day choose blueberries.


Hot maple butter will add a mellow scent and richness (^ ^)


Speaking of pancake, it is an image that topping various things on the dough, but in this pancake the dough also contains blueberries. The sweet and sour taste of blueberries was refreshing with a good feeling. The softness that melts in the fluffy already was an excellent item.



In addition to pancakes, "Crington Street Bakering" offers a large selection of omelettes, French toasts, sandwiches and other fascinating menus. I would like to eat an omelet next time.

I was completely relaxed with the comfort and the delicious food. If you like pancakes, this is a shop you want to visit once!

Clinton Street Bakering Company Tokyo

Location: Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 5-17-1YHT Minami Aoyama Building
Business hours: 8: 00-23: 00 (LO22: 00)
Closed: No holiday
Total number of seats: 52 seats
→ Reserve a seat at Yahoo! Dining

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[Minami Aoyama] Eat fluffy tropancake and egg Benedict at "Clinton Street Bakering" | Tokyo Walkpo | Travel Popular News Guide

[...] ”> I went to the popular pancake restaurant“ Clinton Street Bakering ”which opened in Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku last year. I got fluffy pancakes and egg Benedict! New York No. XNUM Pancake Shop "Clinton Street Bakering" is a casual dining that opened on Aoyama's antique street last month in 1. Pancakes are regarded as No. 8 in New York, and they are popular pancake shops that can be lined up every day. [Read more] [...]

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