[Ueno Onshi Park] Hanami Sanpo at Tokyo National Museum "Opening the Spring Garden" where 10 types of cherry blossoms can be seen

My favorite season is spring! It is a Tokyo walk.
Finally the cherry blossoms bloom and spring is coming.The Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park is open for an annual spring garden from 2017 month 3 day (Tuesday) to 14 month 5 day (Sunday).You can see 10 types of cherry blossoms such as Somei Yoshino and Ooshima Zakura!

Hanami in the museum

Tokyo National Museum
Speaking of Ueno Onshi Park, it is full of people every year as a famous spot for cherry blossoms. This is an art and culture park with numerous cultural facilities such as Ueno Zoo, National Science Museum, National Museum of Western Art, and many other national and urban cultural facilities.

This time I went to Tokyo National Museum, Japan's oldest museum among them ^ _ ^
Hanami in the museum

This is the Tokyo National Museum! There are many national treasures and important cultural properties in large stone buildings. Events such as Sakura Stamp Rally and Sakura Gallery Talk are being held at the museum while you are seeing the famous items of Sakura from 3 Mon XNUM X (Tuesday) to XNUM X Mon XNUM X Days (Sun)!

This time, I entered the "UENO WELCOME PASSPORT" where you can see the permanent exhibitions of the Tokyo National Museum, the National Science Museum, and the National Museum of Western Art from XNUM, which I mentioned the other day. It is a passport type quite solid advantageous passport ticket!

  • [3 / 14 ~ 5 / 31] UENO WELCOME PASSPORT with limited access to UNO's National Museum and Museum 3 can be released |

Spring garden opening

Spring garden opening

To the north of Tokyo National Museum Main BuildingA garden where you can enjoy XNUM X kinds of cherry blossoms, such as Somei Yoshino, Ooshima Zakura, Gyoiko Kokura, and Edhigan Zakurathere is. Every year, the garden is open for a limited time during the cherry blossom season and the fall foliage season.

Spring garden opening

Opening period of XNUM XFrom 2017 year 3 month 14 day (Tuesday) to 5 month 7 day (Sunday). Opening hours are from 10 AM to 4 PM. You can enter the garden only at the museum entrance fee. (Fee fee general: 620 yen College student 410 yen High school students and below are free)

Mikado Yoshino and the tree of Oshimazakura

Go to the garden on the right hand side of the main building and head back. Mikado Yoshino and Oshimazakura trees will greet you at the entrance. Tokyo on this day is the day before the flowering declaration. It seems that it was early to come a little.


Here's a fiddle.The silkworms began to stain slightly pink.

Tea room of XNUM X Building

There is a tea room in the XNUM X Building

In this garden, there are dotted with XNUM X historical teahouses, such as Chun-sa-so, Soro-an, Roku-an-en, Ogetsu-an, and Kujokan. This Kujokan was originally transferred from Kujo House in Akasaka, Tokyo, to the Kujo House in Kyoto Imperial Palace, and then it was donated by the Kujo family in Showa 5 year (9 year) and moved here.

Tea room of XNUM X Building

I did not put it inside, but all the windows were open due to air flow. In the early days of the Edo period, you can see the towers and towers by the Kano school. A tea ceremony is held here, isn't it? It is possible to borrow if you make a reservation in advance. It costs quite. National Museum of Science (^ ^;)


Early springing kawazuzakura was blooming in front of Kujokan!It was good to be seen (^ ^)

Garden of Tokyo National Museum

Pretty large garden of the Tokyo National Museum. I'm getting hungry soon.

Then ...

Sakura Cafe

Sakura Cafe

There was a rest area called "Sakura Cafe" in front of the pond. 4 Mon 12 You can have coffee and tea here.

Coffee catering "MOTOYA EXPRESS" is opening a cafe for a limited time here.
It is a wonderful production that the cafe is quite happy while watching the limited open garden and flowers!


The cafe menu looks like this. As long as the price is reasonable and I'm happy (^ ^) There was a menu like "Sakura Akashu" like spring.

Cherry Madeleine or muffin

We also sold sweets that match well with coffee and tea, such as madeleine of cherry blossoms, muffins, and rich nuts balauna.


Take a cup of coffee. You can see the pond and the tea room in front of you, and you can hear the birds singing. Finally it is released from the cold and everyone looks happy.

Fern and cherry blossoms

Around the pond, it was about the flowering time of fern cherry and yae benihican. A calm moment is likely to be spent in the cherry blossoms in full bloom on 4 moon.

Garden of Tokyo National Museum


The gardens of the Tokyo National Museum, which are open for spring and fall, are kept in good condition and are impressive. Around 4, XNUM cherry trees planted on the site of the Tokyo National Museum will be in full bloom and you can get a glimpse of the good old spring scenery of Japan. Tokyo National Museum where you can enjoy different 10 types of cherry blossoms from Somei Yoshino. The current season is especially recommended.

Tokyo National Museum-Tohaku


Opening Hours: 9: 30 to 17: 00 (entry up to 16: 30)
closing day: Monday (however, if Monday is a national holiday or a holiday, it opens and closes the following Tuesday), New Year's holiday (2015 year 12 month 24 day to 2016 year 1 month 1 day).
As a rule, there is no holiday during the Golden Week period and the Bon Period (XNUM X Month X NUM X Day-X NUM X Month X NUM X Day).

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