[Shibuya Dogenzaka] also excellent TKG! Takumi "Nagi" to get Fukushima sake and food

Hello Tokyo walk po!

I went to the "Nagi" at Shibuya Dogensaka where I was worried about last year.

This is Tachimi Miya who can enjoy delicious sake and food from Fukushima (^ ^)


A few minutes on foot from the JR Shibuya station, climbing Dogenzaka and opening a year ago in a corner of a slightly mysterious hotel area, is this Dogusaka standing rabbit "Nagi". here"WithoutYou can get local sake from Fukushima by saying that the master's wife is from Fukushima prefecture.

This is the day that appeared on this day for XNUM X consecutive days this day Edge Rank Editor-in-chief Daiko Okuno ~

There is only regulars, so even if you do not order, the master will prepare recommendations quickly (^ ^;) You can see how much Okuno has passed.


Enjoy local sake from Fukushima

This "Nagi" can enjoy more than 20 kinds of Fukushima sake.

Since stocking changes every time, I can enjoy different brands every time I come (^ ^)


冷 蔵 庫 There are a lot of sake in the refrigerator!


Pure rice non-filtered raw original sake "Aizu Suzu Sukene'

First of all, pure rice, non-filtered fresh raw sake from Fukushima AizuAizu Sasuke ""I will give you!


I'll get back to you (^ ^)


Gu! delicious!

"Aizu Sasuke" has a fresh mouthfeel.

It is followed by Hanasen activity pure rice Nigorishu


↑ I will make a round of the bottle and distribute the whole bottle to the whole bottle ^ ^


↑ It's a little bit irritating (feeling ^ ^)


花 "Hanasen activity pure rice Nigorishu" is a refined sake. This works (ヽ `) no

The other day,Event at the antenna shop in FukushimaBut I drank sake, but there are a lot of good sake stores in Fukushima.

Well, I'm getting hungry soon!


Daily change book

Here is the cooking menu. The order seems to be different depending on the day.

As I asked Okuno, the recommendation is a cold guy! No, I ask for it!


Hot seared pickled fish (700 yen)

First of all, the scallops of scorching squid. Compatibility with sake is perfect!


く ず く ず (XNUM X yen)

Okuno-san's naughty boy! ! It is not soy sauce but with salt and sesame oil.

Hm! This is delicious! Let's try it next time ^ ^


Garlic saute of mushroom (600 yen)

Last minute smell of garlic!

It is delicious to meet with rice. Let's try to imitate at home for a while.


Okuno large childNaoki Yoshimoto, who was with me on this day.

Okuno ran to rush three cups and disappeared to night Shibuya ...


Assorted sashimi

Assorted sea bream with sea bream and sea bream mackerel

After all sashimi for sake sake ^ ^


Salt-grilled ginkgo (XNUM X yen)

Filled with crispy grilled saltwater (^ ω ^)


Egg over rice (XNUM X yen)

TKG of justice is reasonable with 300 yen.

It was delicious, too, with green onions and myoga.


Grilled rice ball soup stock (XNUM X yen)

Boiled rice with grilled rice balls!

Delicious grilled rice balls served with pickled tea and spicy wasabi.

Fuu ~ I was up to ((``)



While standing up at the restaurant, the relaxed atmosphere did not make me feel like a bar like a bar. Of course, there were a lot of people who went to the next store right after drinking only one!

Mr. Nagi who can enjoy delicious sake bowl and dishes with Fukushima sake. I will go there again!

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