[Souvenir Sanpo] I tried to put in a morning coffee with beans bought with blue bottle coffee!

Hi, I'm in Tokyo!
The other day, I went to "Blue Bottle Coffee" which opened in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, but at that time I bought coffee beans as a souvenir.
The next day, I grinded the beans at home and tried to have morning coffee!


Coffee beans sold in blue bottle coffee

2015 Year 2 Month "Blue Bottle Coffee Kiyosumi Shirakawa Roth Tally & Cafe" opened on Friday. The design of the opening first day entered the other day. It seems that there were people lined up for more than 6 hours at the longest, and the congestion is continuing even now.

You can also buy coffee beans as well as this shop cafe (^ ^)

It will be mentioned later, but it seems that you can buy coffee beans without lining up.

There are always several kinds of Fairtrade coffee beans in the shop, and the price is 200g and can be purchased from 1,500 yen (including tax).

By the way, the following lineup has been sold on 2 Mon 6 on the opening day. The description is a quote from the menu.

Photo 2015-02-06 8 27 36 XNUMX bulebottlecoffeejapan

Hayes Valley Espresso (XNUM X g X NUM X)

Bella Donovan (XNUM X g X NUM X)

We alternate between Ethiopian and Sumatra beans according to the season. The most popular coffee blend in our shop with an exquisite balance of subtle smoky and delicate citrus.

Three Africas (XNUM X g X NUM X)

Ugandan and 2 Ethiopian beans are blended and changed seasonally. It is characterized by a fruity yet intimate flavor when dripped, and the after taste is clean despite the presence of richness.

Giant steps (XNUM X g X NUM X)

It is characterized by a simple taste. A well-balanced blend of carefully selected Ugandan and Sumatra beans gives it a rich, chocolate-like flavor. This coffee is a good choice if you want to drink milk with a strong flavor.

Kenya Nyeri Gasize (XNUM X g X NUM X)

"Gazézi" is the union name of small farmers in the town of Nyeri located in the south of Nairobi. Once the coffee has been harvested, it will be sent to the core facility (also called Gasize) and subjected to processing such as wet processing, depulping and fermentation. If you become a member of Gasize, you can receive a guarantee on life and coffee production. For example, you can use a fund that is used for education, investment for farmland, emergency funds, etc.

Papua New Guinea Wagi Barry Honey (200 g1800 yen)

This is the first Papua New Guinean bean we handle and came from the Carpenter Estate. This plantation was originally a tea plantation, but now it produces a lot of coffee beans every year. Because of the “honey process” that allows the sugar-rich coffee tree to adhere to the mucus, Wagi Harry becomes a very sweet coffee bean.

Panama Boquete Esmeralda (XNUM X g X NUM X)

Hacienda la Emeralda is not in Panama. It is a very famous coffee plantation also in the world. The most famous one is Geisha, which has won numerous awards such as "Best of Panama", "Rainforest Alliance Cupping for Quality" and "Speciality Coffee Association of America" ​​in 10. The farm also has a well-developed social program, including a day care center and a medical institution, as well as paying 2 bonuses to employees in 1 years

From the shop menu


I bought three africans

When I asked the clerk for recommendations, I asked that this "Three Africans" would be recommended for coffee with sour taste, and purchased a coffee bean of 200 g 1,500 yen. The scent is already overflowing from the bag (^ ^)


It looks like a blend of Ethiopian and Congo beans.


Try to transfer the beans to a small dish.

There are also roasted brown beans and grains.


The fragrant smell of coffee is just putting it on hand ('▽ `)


Recently, when my family makes coffee, they buy it from the shop, but this time they are still beans so the appearance of a manual coffee mill has been around for a while.


It became fine and fine but I finished

It is already a great smell (・ ∀ ·)


Set the filter in the coffee maker ....


Switch on! !


did it~

You can easily fall into a mug! Amber!


"Suri Afrikaz" has the same fruity taste as the single origin "Kenya Nyeri Gasazi" I drank in a shop. However, the sour taste was slightly reduced and the bitterness was also a little. It is likely to be different depending on how you drink coffee in the morning (^ ^). Blue bottle coffee was hand dripped in front of us so I could drink it with the best quality. Do you study a little and try to fall in love with yourself?

If coffee beans alone can be bought without line?

There is only information that you don't want to go, such as waiting for 4 hours on the first day, but there are people on Twitter who are buying coffee beans alone. It seems that original goods such as mugs are already sold out, but it seems to be good if coffee beans alone are not lined up for a long time.

Kiyosumi Shirakawa is a city with many attractions, such as the Kiyosumi Garden and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, so it is recommended to take a walk!

Postscript You can now buy coffee beans from the net!

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