[Kanda, Tokyo Kaomangai] Commitment to domestic ingredients, yet cheap and delicious!

It is a Tokyo walk that I have noticed the deliciousness of pacchi from last year (^ ^)

This time in Kanda "Tokyo Kaomangai"I ate Thai style chicken rice" Khaomangai "!


It is XNUM X seconds on foot from JR Kanda Station west exit, Thai food shop "Tokyo Kaomangai" is here. Even if it says Thai food, it is a restaurant like a dining room like Gapao rice and Khao Mangai.


A recommended signboard is already in front of the shop.

Chickens used in kaomangai use domestic brand chickens. This is fun! Let's get in!


While the restaurant is small, there are 16 seats at the table and 9 seats at the counter.


Like Kanda, I used a lot of business people.


Well, order

After all, this is a kaomangai! Chicken soup is on and it's puffy and side by side is cheap with 590 yen! Even if it is the tallest and full of puffies, XNUM X yen! OK today, let's go with "a lot of puffy tea"!

There is a choice of hot red sauce, sweet black sauce, Nampura and lemon based lemon sauce for the sauce. This time in orthodox in red dripping (^ ^)


In addition to Khao Mangai, there are also Gapao rice with fried chicken and Thai basil, green curry and fried chicken rice (Khao Man Gaito). There was also a Thai beer, Singha!


Chicken soup (^ ^) at first


Lunch set (salad and mango pudding) will be attached at + X NUM X yen from the opening of the store until X NUM X.

This is a good deal (^ ^)


There is a large amount of large rice cakes (XNUM X yen)

That's why there is a large amount of puffy puff cake arrived!

It looks delicious ('▽ `)


There are plenty of domestic chickens!

Teri is good (^ ^)


Put a lot of red sauce

I'll be there soon!


Muo ~ chicken is soft!

Red radish is a mild degree and brings out the full taste of chicken. If you like Pakuchi, it will be even more delicious if you eat together (^ ^) Pakchi Pakuchi!

Rice is eaten with confidence because children use Niigata-made indica rice!


Of course, those who are not good at pakuchi can get 100 yen cheaper than pakchi if there is no pakchi choice.

This price will be quite exceptional using domestic rice and domestic chicken (^ ^)

I will try to eat again if I get close! Of course there is pakuchi (^ ω ^)

Tokyo Kaomangai Kanda store

Address〒101-0047 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 3-7-8
ACCESSJR Kanda Station walk XNUM minutes
Nearest stationJR Kanda Station
Business hoursMon-Sat 11: 00-23: 00 days 11: 00-21: 00
Regular holidayNo
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