[Imperial Palace Hanami Sanpo] Chidori-san Green Road ~ Roppongi Sakurazaka

The previous"Spring Urara Sumida River cruising"It is over after noon
Since it came out to here so much, it has come in various ways.

First of all, to the bird

Chidorigafuchi Ryodo, Imperial Palace & Chiyoda Sakura Festival (Chiyoda Ward) | Tachion-Tokyo cherry blossoms and cherry blossom viewing information

I got off at Kudanshita Station and I saw it right away! It is a beef bowl on the front.
It seems that there was an entrance ceremony for Nihon University at Budokan on this day
The area around Tayasumon in front of the Budokan was crowded.

It came out to Chidorigafuchi green path.
However, there are still many people!

I wanted to walk on the moat side, but many people didn't get close enough ^^;

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom ^ ^

I finally went to the moat side.

It is in full bloom ^ ^

It shines in the blue sky!

There were so many people that I decided to move to Roppongi.

Hanzomon station Hanamimon station

Not only Somei Yoshino but also other cherry blossoms are blooming ~

This is Oyama Sakura ^ ^

It is also good to bloom directly from the trunk ^ ^

To Roppongi 1-chome Sakurazaka

Change subway from Hanzomon Station
I came to Roppongi 1-chome ^ ^

This ARK Hills Sakurazaka-Spain Slope

Full length 700m, about 150 cherry blossom trees are in a row ^ ^

ARK Hills (Minato-ku Sakurazaka Spain Saka) | Tachion-Tokyo cherry blossoms and cherry blossoms information

We enjoyed cherry blossom slowly here ^ ^

This is Sakurasaka.

This neighborhood isEmbassy of Spain,Swedish EmbassyThere are many embassies
Not only Japanese but also foreigners were all watching Hanami!

The temperature was low this year, and the flowering of the cherry blossoms was also late.
I feel like I enjoyed it for a little longer.

After all cherry blossoms are good ^ ^

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