[Video delivery] movie "Maestro!" Impressions: actors challenge in playing Gachi

'Cinemas by Shochiku"At the invitation of Mr. 2015 Year 1 Mon 31 Day (Saturday) from the premiere of the movie" Toyori Matsuzaka "Maestro!"I have seen. I will tell you the impression that there is no spoilage.

Movie "Maestro!"

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An orchestra that the actors challenge in playing Gachi

The movie "Maestro!" Is a story about the reunion of a prestigious orchestra that broke up once. A reunification story that blessed the band members who called themselves a "losing group". Tetsuto Tendo, a mysterious conductor who appeared in front of the band members who were collected at the abandoned factory. The real secret will be revealed on the day of the reunion concert, for what purpose he gathered the band members.

It is said that the main cast practiced for a few months the practice instrument in charge for the film for this film and tried to shoot it, including Tori Matsuzaka who is in charge of Konmas (concert master) Kosaka Shinichi. The practice scene in the play and the concert scene are very realistic as the actors are playing in the actual place without dubbing.

Especially because Matsuri Tozuri, who played the violinist for the first time for the first time, has a lot of up-up performance scenes, it seems to have come to the production after considerable practice time from basic practice to practice. The movement, such as a vibrato that shakes the finger holding down the strings to make the violin sound like it, was really like a professional violinist.

Nishida Toshiyuki shakes the movie tact

And to the mysterious conductor who planned this re-organization, Tendo Tetsuzaburo, it is famous actor Toshiyuki Nishida. I think that the overwhelming presence and the character of the wild Tento can hardly be played by actors. However, I think that it is the reason that Mr. Nishida is called a great actor by showing it naturally. It is one of the highlights that Yusuke Sado, who is a guest conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, is giving direct guidance for command and guidance, and that Nishida is playing a more dynamic command in the concert scene.

This time the 50 orchestras perform in the play are Beethoven's "fate" and Schubert's "unfinished". Both are songs that everyone knows, but different people have different sounds. And even if the conductor is different in the same orchestra, it seems that the sound will be totally different.

The movie “Maestro!” Is a climax concert that organizes orchestras of XNUMx people whose orchestral relationships, complex circumstances and suffering, and past sad memories cross in complex, and creates a momentary sound that can not be played at that time. The scene was very rewarding (^^)

Movie "Maestro! Here's a video delivery of missed!


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