[Chofu-shi Senkawa] "Saruta Hikoen" XNUM X store is preparing to open in the Cafe Battle District!

I went to Senfu in Chofu city after a long time, but it seems to change greatly in the future.

The XNUM X branch of Ebisu, a high-profile coffee shop "Saruta Hakuen" is preparing to open for XNUM X X X month month opening!

IMG_2419 sengawa sarutahiko coffee

Cafe Battlefield "Chofu City Sengawa"

Senkawa is a town on the east side of Chofu city where you can go from Shinjuku to the Keio line in approximately XNUM minutes. Here are some of us that have been favorite since long time since leading companies such as "Starbucks Coffee", Kardi's cafe store "Cafe Cardino", "Komeda Coffee" and "Hoshino Coffee Store"Cafe VaniereThe cafe is a fierce battlefield where there are unique shops like this. We have lived there before, and it is a very favorite city, but if we go there the other day it is likely to change significantly next year. IMG_2405 sengawa sarutahiko coffee

Saruta Hikoya XNUM X store is preparing to open!

Next to Starbucks Coffee Senkawa Ekimae, “Saruta Hikoya” 2015 store, which is scheduled to open 1 2 month, was preparing for opening. The XNUM X store will be a roastery cafe that combines roasting and a cafe. I'm going to open a great place (^ ^) IMG_2404 sengawa sarutahiko coffee

A PR poster has already been pasted at the store. During the acclaimed construction (^ ^) IMG_2406 sengawa sarutahiko coffee

Mr. Asuka Otsuka, the owner of Saruta Hiko, was born and raised here in Sengawa. It will be a pleasure to be able to open a store in his hometown, with the opening of Ebisu in Saruta Hiko, which has become famous for a long time (^ ^)

IMG_2407 sengawa sarutahiko coffee

Senkawa is a very bustling city when there are many shoppers coming from Seijo in the south and it is a day off. There are a lot of people enjoying coffee on the open terrace of Starbucks and Cafe Cardino on sunny days! The Senkawa seems to be very busy with the opening of the Saruta Hikosu XNUM X store (・ ∀ ·)

Postscript The official Twitter of Takuya Saruta tweeted the store opening day It is going to open on XNUM X year X NUM X month X NUM X!

I went there immediately. The pattern is here!

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