The sound quality of legendary movie critic Nagaharu Ninagawa revives in the commercial of "Hulu"!

It is a Tokyo walk that loves movies!
It is said that the movie critic, Nagaharu Ninagawa, who gained popularity at the “Sunday Western Movie Theater,” will be revived in the commercial of the popular movie “Hulu”.
This is done very well (^ ^)
Hulu Aoigawa Nagaharu

What is a movie critic, Nagaharu Ayukawa?

Speaking of Mr. Nagaharu Ayukawa, I worked on the commentary of "Sunday Western Theater" for more than 30 years. The Kansai dialect and the famous word “Hello everyone, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye” were quite impressive. Since it is the 1998 year that has died, it has already passed the 16 year.

解説 This is an explanation when Back-to-the-future was ground wave for the first time. There isn't a person who commented on movies so enjoyably, recently ..ひ と りI only think (^ ^)

And the CM of "Hulu" to be broadcast from 12 / Month 12 this time is here! It is said that the words of Mr. Ayukawa are joined together and finished from what a great amount of movie commentary data about Mr. Ayukawa's life and huge 420 minutes!

↑ This is [appearing edition] voice is connected to nature and is great technique-
How to shake the pattern and the movement of the eyebrows and their true circle ('▽ `)

こ ち ら This [musical ed] (^ ^)

↑ This is 【Family group 編】
"Good-bye, good-bye ..." has become "Fooloo, Fooloo, Fooloo"!

Besides this, it seems that a total of five types of CM will be broadcasted, such as "Shogawa Nagaharu CG Samurai" and "Shogawa Nagaharu Back to the Future Samurai"! Nagaharu Ayukawa as CG as a legend in the film world, it seems that I will stop and look at it when I hear that good-sounding from television. (^ ^)

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