Everyone pancake party! Denny's pancake all-you-can-eat has plenty of decoration

Christmas is coming soon. The city is colored with colorful illuminations.

This time"Everyone's Pancake Club"I have participated in sponsored blogger events. 2014 Year 11 Month From 18 day we have experienced pancake all-you-can-eat at 300 store of family restaurant "Denny's"!

PC130225dennys pancakes

IMG_2276dennys pancakes

All-you-can-eat pancake at Denny's XNUM store

This time I visited "Denny's Tama Center Store".

All-you-can-eat pancakes from 2014 to 11 on weekdays and from 18 to 300 on weekends and holidays from the 14 day of 18 year 15 month 18. (Some stores have different sales times on weekdays.)* In addition, sales are temporarily suspended from 2014 month 12 day (Saturday) to 27 year 2015 month 1 day (Sunday).

PC130215dennys pancakes

All-you-can-eat pancake with a drink is tax-included XNUM X yen!

The all-you-can-eat rate is higher than junior high school students and tax includes 999. It is tax-included 540 yen after the primary schoolchild.In addition, only when the parents place an order, children less than primary school children are free!

This is reasonable ~!

PC130217dennys pancakes

When ordering pancake all-you-can-eat, the first 1 dishes come with pancake 2 sheets and ice (choose vanilla or chocolate). After that, there will be an additional charge of XNUM X yen including tax XNUM X.

PC130222dennys pancakes

Drinks are free for double roasted drip chopsticks. Of course, the other juices will be charged extra, so of course order the coffee this time. The clerk frequently came with me next time coffee (^ ^)

PC130225dennys pancakes

The pancake party is finally over!

First, the 1 dish arrived with 2 pancakes with vanilla ice cream. The pancake was about 10cm in diameter and was about the size of a fist 1. At this store, we were able to order additional 1 cards every 2. * Please check with the staff when you visit the store because the number of additional sheets varies depending on the store.

By the way, at this Tama Center store, it would have been better if 1 people ate up to 22 Pancakes! That's great!

PC130229dennys pancakes

Here is the pancake with chocolate ice. The pancake is of course freshly baked so the ice melts little by little!

So let's go to topping from the 1 dish immediately!

PC130231dennys pancakes

↑ A topping corner dedicated to all-you-can-eat pancake is provided in the store.

Anxious toppings like maple syrup, whipped cream, mango fruit, chocolate sauce, kiwi sauce, caramel sauce, blueberry sauce, strawberry sauce, Fuji apple sauce, caramel sugar, corn flakes, powdered sugar, chocolate pen for drawing, etc. Item is enriched!

PC130235dennys pancakes

As the ice melts on the XNUM X plate, it fights against time! I'm pretty impatient (^ ^;)

PC130248dennys pancakes

So, the 1 dish just got on top of the topping I wanted to eat (^ ω ^) Ice melted out intertwined with mango ... this looks delicious (^ ^)

By the way, if you order all-you-can-eat pancake with more than 4 people, the first 1 dishes will come with 3 kinds of fresh fruits and raspberries. It's a great idea to go with everyone!

PC130259dennys pancakes

Then order the XNUM X dish. It's just fine to order the 2 dishes as finished.

2 dishes were sanded with whipped cream and blueberry sauce, topped with powdered sugar topped with caramel sauce. Powder sugar colors pancake like powder snow and Christmas feeling comes out at a stretch!

PC130263dennys pancakes

Pancakes softly baked firmly ^ ^

Whipped cream is sweet and dry, it is a great companion with the dripper (^ ^)

3 dishes change the mood a bit and cut the pancake into bite-sized pieces and pile them up and then decorate with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

PC130267dennys pancakes

I tried to feel like a little parfait three-dimensionally.

It is fun to think about this topping ~ (· ∀ ·)

IMG_2289dennys pancakes

The last XNUM X dish was like a ski jumping platform and I wanted to jump even with a snowman but I wanted to see the fruit flag of XNUM X even though it was a failure in the middle of the mind (^ ^;). All right (^ ^)

By the way, if you post a picture of pancake you decorated yourself with pancake all-you-can-eat pancake until XNUM X X X month X X X month day, there will be a photo contest in which the winners will receive a Denny's meal ticket X NUM X yen! Lots of beautifully decorated pancakes and pancakes with Mikusou characters are posted!

PC130277dennys pancakes

This time I went around XPM at saturday afternoon, but additional pancakes arrived in about 3 minutes and did not wait in particular. After all it was popular with women and families, and several other people enjoyed all-you-can-eat pancake. The toppings are also plentiful, so if you decorate like Christmas, you can enjoy a pancake party while chatting with your friends.

If you see this pancake all-you-can-eat with Denny's near you, please try it by all means (^ ^)

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