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Hi, I'm in Tokyo!
The 24 Film Festival TAMA CINEMA FORUM, a film festival held in Tama City, Tokyo, is held over 2014 days from 11 month 22 day (Saturday) to 11 month 30 day (Sunday).
This time, I was able to cover the "6 TAMA Film Award Winning Ceremony", which has the highest level of attention.
We will tell you the design of the award-winning ceremony!

6 TAMA Film Awards


TAMA CINEMA FORUM is a film festival that began in 1991 as the Tama city 20 anniversary project. It is held every year at Tama Center, Nagayama, and Seisho Sakuragaoka, Tokyo in 11 month, and by the TAMA Film Forum Executive Committee consisting of movie fans in the Tama area This is the country's first movie award to select "lively good" works, directors and actors.


This time, I was able to interview the 2014 TAMA Film Awards Ceremony held at 11 Year 22 Month 6 at the Parthenon Tama Large Hall in Tama City. Then we introduce the movie awards announced this time. (Photographing cooperation:Palace

6 TAMA Film Awards

Best newcomer actor award

Mr. TAGA (Hoko no Yuko, high school boy's daily life, humanoid game, MONSTERZ monsters, my man, sweet poolside)

It was Mr. Taga who was on stage in the upper and lower black suits.
"I'm so happy that I could not believe my own so much and I just got this award when I came to the dark clouds," commented. It is an actor who is looking forward to future activities.

Shogi Shibata

Mr. Shogo Shibata (only in the light there, everyday of high school boys, she in the sun, black gold Ushijima-kun Part2)

"I am very happy with Taga, and I am very happy to receive the award," said Masaki Shinoda, who also won the Best Shinshin Actor Award.
It is said that Tsuyoshi Ogino, who co-starred in "There is only light there", is said to be "big brother". There was a sense of presence and the venue was fascinated by a unique atmosphere.

Gate side wheat

Best Emerging Actress Award

Mr. Kadowaki (Science of Love, Black Gold Ushijima-kun Part2)

Mr. Barakiwaki who appeared in the orange sleeveless dress.
"The whirlpool of love has always been a problem for the New Year whether it will work for me in the shooting immediately after the new year," commented.
The award of "The Whirlpool of Love" has played a difficult role. The new work “Again 28 Koshien” is coming soon after the new year.

Nounana Rina
Nounana Rina

Nounana Mana (Hot Road)

It is Mr. Rina Nounen who won the best emerging actress award that appeared in a light blue skirt in a white blouse like a petal.
"I reconfirmed that this work is valid because there are people watching it," commented.
Mr. Noun who ran up a stardom with a morning TV novel "Ama-chan". In "Hot Road", I played a completely different type of Kazuki. At the end of the year, the release of “Katsukihime” is on the way, and we are challenging new roles.

Ayumi Sakamoto

Best Emerging Director Award

Ayumi Sakamoto (FORMA)

"When I was twenty, I became confident with the TAMA New Wave award," commented Ayumi Sakamoto, who won the Best New Director Award. "FORMA has made it to the side that is looking at it and made it. I want to betray the side that is looking in a good sense from now on," commented.

One theater company

Directed by the theater company (Blue sky)

After receiving the award, the director of a theater company who blew the room with a shocking news sheet (^ ^)
"This is a work that reflects everything I learned in my life in XNUM X years. I would be glad if many people loved this work."
The next work is a lip service that you want to make on the stage of Tama! I want you to make it happen!

Tetsuichiro Tsuji, Director of Cast

Special prize

Tetsuichiro Tsuji, Director of Cast
"Iya story-person of Oku-"

The director commented, “This film of self-production and self-screening has been selected as a special award and I am really happy.

Oizumi Hiroshi
Oizumi Hiroshi

Best actor award

Oizumi Hiroshi (Ao Tennoi, Kiyosu meeting)

Mr. Hiroshi Oizumi, the best actor award, gently bites into the award reason "I ran up the stairs to the best comedy actor of today."
"The clean conference and the clear weather were really hard. I'm glad to be evaluated," commented.
From the middle of the stage, a theater company also jumped in and the venue was wrapped in a whirlpool of great laughs after a great combination showing in "The fine weather"

Tsumabuki Satoshi

Tsumabuki Satoshi(Our family, Kiyosu meeting, Judge !, small house, thirst., STAND BY ME Doraemon, Maiko is ready)

His wife, Mr. Tatsumi Husband, received the Best Actor Award on the chic black jacket. "I am honored to have been evaluated with the work because I wanted to work with Ishii," commented.

Director Ishii Yuya, who won the Best Picture Award, will re-tag in the Vancouver Asahi, which will be released at the end of the year.

Best Actress Award

Fumi Nikaido (my man, a gyoza on the side, thirst, recipe for the forty-nine days)

I was not able to participate in the award ceremony on this day because of my work, but 3 years ago, I received the TAMA Film Award for Best Emerging Actress Award and Fumi Nikaido who has a deep relationship with this film festival.
Parthenon Tama Small Hall Part 11 section will be screened "Fumi Nikaido Fumi Special" on 23 Mon XNUM Sun.

Chizuru Ikewaki

Chizuru Ikewaki (Greed light, clean and soft, can't get lost, God's medical record 2)

Chizuru Ikewaki of the best actress award on the stage with a chic mini dress.
"I think that this work (lighted only there) was a small work with a small budget, but it was supported by a very reliable staff cast."

Ishii Yuya

Best Film Award "We Family" Directed by Yuya Ishii

"I made a script based on the story that the original author, Mr. Hayami-san, followed, created the screenplay," said Ishii Yuya, who won the best film award, "A novel that confronts the family very much and is the original.
From Tsumabuki, I looked back to Director Ishii, "The image of a director who is very judgmental and will fight together."

Obayashi Nobuhiko
Takako Tokiwa

Best Film Award "Is it a field?"
Director Obayashi Nobuhiko, and all staff casts

Director Obayashi, who won the best film award following the previous work "The Flower of the Sky-Nagaoka Fireworks Story". Mr. Yuhiro Murata, Takako Tokiwa and Saki Terashima were on stage for the surprise.
This work has been produced and screened independently as a part-time citizen of central Hokkaido. I also shared my joy with the people of Shibetsu who visited there.

Hello Kitty


The "XNUM X TAMA Film Festival" is a series of actors and directors who bear the burden of Japanese films from now on, and actors and directors who are active in the line. The venue for entering near 6 people was filled with great enthusiasm. Hello Kitty from Puroland was very active as a bouquet presenter at the award ceremony!

Tama City has been used as a location for numerous films and TV dramas in an environment suitable for location photography. Among the award-winning works, many films that were united with the citizens of the location were also awarded. A citizen's film festival that citizens choose. We will continue to make great history with citizens in future.

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